Shit or Fertilizer

Self Love

I’m often somewhere, grinning or laughing like an idiot, when this question is posed to me: “Hey Shaq! Why are you always in such a good mood?”

My response: “Shit or Fertilizer! That’s my life’s motto!”

So what does that mean, exactly?

Well, everybody passes excrement. You can’t help it. Waste has to be discharged from the body. It’s gross, but necessary. And so, since you can’t avoid this action, perhaps it makes more sense to learn to live with this action.

The same can be said for hard times. We all have them and we can’t avoid them. Unfortunately, just like excrement…hard times stink. So, how do you survive the damn stench?!

Well, I find that you can come through any hard time, with your sanity intact, if you have the proper perspective on life. Enter Shit or Fertilizer.

You see, shit and fertilizer are the same damn thing. They both come from an ass. They both smell bad. The only things differentiating the two are their name and function.

By this I mean: Shit is the funky stuff that comes out of somebody’s ass. Shit is the hard times we all go through that depress us or paralyze us or piss us off.

Fertilizer, on the other hand, is the funky stuff that helps to make lawns and flowers grow. Fertilizer is the hard times that we go through so that we can acquire growth or learn a lesson and ultimately become better people.

See what I mean?

So whenever I am feeling down or having a hard time, I simply say, “Shaquea, pull yourself together. Shit or fertilizer.”

And what I find is that, FERTILIZER ALWAYS WINS in the end. If you gonna pass excrement, you might as well assign it a useful damn purpose. I’m all flowers over here folks.

Now that’s some shit you can use!

PS: My life’s motto doesn’t mean you can’t have a bad day. We all need to cry sometimes. There are days when memories of sexual abuse or having a crack head mother are the strongest on my mind. I also have days when all I can think about is how afraid I am of being a failure in life. And on those days, believe me, I have to say “Shit or Fertilizer” REPEATEDLY until I feel better. But I promise you, eventually it does kick in and you will find a reason to smile and life will go on. REAL TALK!

8 thoughts on “Shit or Fertilizer

  1. Right on! It is so urgent to use hard experiences to learn and to grow! We’re on the same page today. I choose to fertilize often 🙂 . Shit does happen, but I plant my seeds with it

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