Orphan Black. DISCOVER IT!

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Lost Girl. Luthor. Being Human. What do they have in common? Well, they’re AWESOME! And addicting. And interesting. Oh…and they are not American shows. At least, not originally. Suffice to say, if you’re only relying ABC for entertaining shows, you’re seriously missing out. And my latest Obsession, courtesy of BBC America (Oh, you genius network owned by British people!) is Orphan Black.

Pure Hilariousness: Convos With My 2 Year Old

Got kids (or in my case, a cutiepie niece)? If so, you’ve had a conversation with them and probably had to force yourself not to erupt into uncontrollable laughter as this adorable, mini person, looked at you seriously and said pure nonsense.

Bet you never thought to make mini movies out of the dialogue. Matthew Clarke did though! He’s launched a series called “Convos With My 2-Year-Old” where he takes conversations that he has actually had with his young daughter and reenacts them with a grown ass man standing in as her. Pure hilariousness! After you watch the first episode, above, follow his YouTube channel because if you’ve ever been around a kid, you know it’s only going to get funnier!

The Dude and His Food – Food Truck

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Yep, yet again, another food truck with a ridiculous name. I think these guys all get together, write a bunch of ridiculous names on slips of paper, throw them in a hat, then take turns choosing and naming their trucks from the slips. Okay, that’s probably not true, but it’s a better explanation than the owner of this truck probably has! Luckily, we’re here to talk about the food, not the marketing on the truck.

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Footage from the Tornado in Oklahoma

Charles Cook was in Newcastle, OK., when the storm started to form. This is what he captured on his cell phone.

Forget the best horror movies you’ve ever seen, unless you’ve experienced this in person, THIS VIDEO is the MOST FRIGHTENING THING you’ll ever see. The 3:20 mark is terrifying.

I cannot imagine being in it’s path. May God be with everyone that has survived in Oklahoma and may those that have lost their lives Rest In Peace.

My Thoughts: Billboard 2013 Performances

I  decided to skip watching the Billboards awards and just watch the performances online. My thoughts:

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1. Chris Brown needs to let his background dancers earn their paycheck. That fool messed up “Fine China.” I love that song! I am not going to forgive him for this for at least a month.

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2. Justin Bieber looked like what I imagined MC Hammer would’ve looked like if he was a spoiled kid from the suburbs, with a flair for the dramatic.

Do You Visit Fresh Markets?


I do and I love them! I also go broke at them. Things usually cost about $5, which seems cheap when you’re buying one item, but quickly adds up as you go from booth to booth. Real talk, carry cash (some places accept card, but you never know when they’ll pull the money) and expect to spend $20-80 easy, unless you have better impulse control, which I clearly do not!

Yeah, I’m complaining about the money, but you know what? It’s a fun experience and it feels good to support locals in the community.


“Lost Weight” – Poem at Oral Fixation

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For those of you that don’t know, I am co-host of Oral Fixation. It’s the only lgbtq open mic in Tampa. I also read at every event. Sometimes it’s a poem, sometimes it’s a rant, all the time, it’s straight from the heart. This past Oral Fixation, a few attendee’s requested the poem outside of the event. As such, I’ve posted it here for you all to see! And in case you’re curious about Oral Fixation, I’ve attached our poster after the poem, designed by yours truly.

weightloss lesbian black african american lgbtq love hurt

“Lost Weight”

Change May Be Slow, But It’s Sho!

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The Minnesota Senate just approved the marriage equality bill! The governor’s signature is expected tomorrow. Pretty cool, hunh?

I’m a Northerner, born and raised, but the low cost of living and good weather of the South was calling my nameee!!! Unfortunately, with every upside comes a downside…and the traditional, socially conservative mentality that’s so pervasive in the south is that downside. *sigh* I’m keeping hope alive though! I mean, damn, why I gotta get married in a Triple Fat Goose?! I wanna be legal on a beach too! I pay my taxes too!

Every Day I’m Reminded That I’m Okay

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I mean, I could be this guy. Mark O’Brien. A poet, paralyzed from the neck down due to polio, who hired a sex surrogate to lose his virginity. Then he wrote an essay about it. And that essay became this movie, “The Sessions.”

Helen Hunt gives one hell of a performance. She’s simultaneously vulnerable, frustrated and BELIEVABLE. I think she could also be considered a little bit brave for tackling this role. You also won’t be disappointed by John Hawkes and William H. Macy (always dependable). So if you want a good movie that will make you think and feel grateful, while crying a little, go ahead and watch this movie.

You Can’t “Pray the Gay” Away

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Remember John Paulk? He was pretty darn famous from around 1995 to 2000 as an ex-gay movement advocate. That pesky, hateful little organization Focus on the Family had this guy all over the airwaves. He wrote books about conversion therapy and “praying away the gay.” He was the ultimate poster boy for going straight…that is until he got caught in a gay bar. Then he was removed from all his leadership positions with the organization and faded away into the background with his ex-lesbian wife.

Did you buy his books? Smack yoself!

ShaqWorld, You’ve Got Mail!

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ShaqWorld.com has received it’s FIRST piece of mail! 50 free business cards, that I designed, from Klout (well you pay shipping, so they aren’t that dang free). But hey, they are VERY appreciated. I’ll be handing these bad boys out whenever I can and hopefully it’ll spark a movement. I am such a fuckin blogger man!

Stupid Shit Lesbians Say…

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I think Sue Sylvester’s face pretty much sums up how I feel when I hear stupid shit like this:

“Two studs or two femmes dating each other is gay.”
Fool, all lesbians are gay! You sound ignorant as hell. Like, how are you a homophobic homosexual?! Do yourself a favor and simply state “That’s not my preference.” This way, nobody will think you’re the idiot that you are.

“My new girlfriend is my best friend.”
Really?! That’s fucking sad. You just met her. Go find a REAL best friend and then it won’t be awkward when you break up.

I Love the First Saturday of May

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Why? Because it’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!

That’s right. Every shop in America will be giving away comic books on May 4, 2013 and every first Saturday of May, thereafter.

For all of you hardcore comic book fans, this is a chance to finally get some of your money back! And if you’re not super crazy over comic books and just a regular, old-fashioned geek like myself, this is just a great opportunity to be around other nerds. I want to see the costumes, soak up the festive atmosphere and luxuriate in the pure awesomeness of geekiness. The best part though, is just being able to have such a large collection of nerds in one place to converse with. You really do learn a lot!

Stupid Shit People Do On Facebook


Whenever I’m on Facebook, I’m always saddened when…

A woman dresses nice and posts a picture with a caption that says: “I’m on my grown woman ish. Professional mode! Corporate!”
Look, all you did was put on a skirt and a dress shirt. This is your idea of being on grown woman ish?! This is worth calling out? Are you saying that most of the time you’re on some other kind of ish? Do you look like a homeless crackhead the rest of the time? I’m just saying…if you have to put a spotlight on looking like an adult, maybe you need to step your adult game up.