I Don’t Fuck With Flipper!

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Aww, isn’t this a cute picture? Umm…NO! In this life, one should never judge a book by it’s cover. ShaqWorld.com does not support any human, unscientific contact with dolphins! ESPECIALLY CHILDREN!

Flipper. Free Willy. Winter from Dolphin Tale. These are all kid-friendly movies/characters. You watch them, you say “Aww” and you laugh, meanwhile, your kid wants a dolphin toy and can’t wait for you to spend an exorbitant amount of money, at an aquarium or amusement park, so that they can get a picture kissing one. You think this is okay. I think it’s child abuse. Read on to learn why.

Have You Visited Thai Temple?

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This is one of many photos, so make sure to scroll to the end!

Do you like Thai food? Discovering fun gems in Tampa? Or maybe you just wake up on some Sunday mornings and feel like doing something that isn’t church? Whichever scenario fits, Thai Temple is for you.

The short of it is that the people of the Wat Mongkolratanara (Wat Tampa to Thai people, Thai Temple to the rest of us) started a Sunday market, in 1993, to raise money for the temple. Back then, it was only two tables. It has since grown into a large market that sells fresh, prepared Thai style foods, grilled items, fresh vegetables and even plants. There’s also a larger area, complete with picnic tables, trash cans and tables for leftover dishes, where visitors can eat, converse and enjoy the surrounding beauty of the Temple grounds.

Save a Bee, Save the World

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Thanks to “I love fucking science” for this AWESOME photo!

I’ll put this simply: Bees pollinate crops. We need bees in order to eat anything that grows in the ground. So unless you want to live in a world where all you can eat is a slab of meat, which I personally do not, we have to find a way to keep bees alive.

Currently, Bees are dying by the tens of millions. It’s a frightening thought. Pesticides are bad! And changing the farming process into an industrialized business is just as bad. Technology and greed are one hell of a dangerous combination.