Jennifer Lewis Will Give You Life!

At the premiere for the movie “Baggage Claim,” actress Jennifer Lewis was asked what advice she’d give to aspiring actors who are trying to get into the business. This is what she said. It’s worth it to watch the video for this quote alone: “The elevator to success is broken. Take the stairs.”

CHURCH!!! Jennifer just got SHEro status!

Sunday’s Blurbs – The God Squad Edition

ShaqueaHairFlipFor those that don’t know, I like to write blurbs every now and then. They are blog posts composed of a collection of short thoughts, ideas and things that have happened to me. Over the course of the next week, any blurb posted will be a “God Squad” edition, given that my parents arrived in town yesterday. I refer to them as the God Squad because my step father is a pastor, my mother is in training and together, they own a small church. Whenever they visit, I just…well, judge for yourself. So far:

I’ve Been Laid Off My Job, I’m Scared and It’s the Best Thing That’s Happened To Me


After 4 years, 10 months and 16 days, I was laid off from my job. The next day, my former co-workers promptly took me out drinking. As you can see above, it seemed like more of a glorious day than a depressing one. But as I sat at the table gazing out at everyone in a haze of depression, coupled with relief and colored by inebriation, a realization was beginning to form. While I didn’t actually realize it at that time, I was at the very beginning of what I would later come to refer to as my “Layoff Cycle.”

Jonathan Farrell Is Dead Because of FEAR

Upon the tragic killing of Jonathan Farrell (below), I’d like to challenge you to consider this:


  • A large black man, who happens to be a former college football player, beats on a woman’s door for help. He’s been in a car accident (see the car below), so he’s obviously disheveled and panicked, if not in shock. The woman in the house probably doesn’t know that though. She opens the door, sees him and panics herself, then slams the door, automatically assumes he’s dangerous and calls the police, saying that she’s being “robbed” by a black man.


Microsoft Spoofs The New iPhone

I’m Team iMac AND Team Android. Yeah. I’m multifaceted like that. Anyways, I have never gotten the hype over iPhone. I mean, it was cool when it first came out…but a billion generations later, with only one killer upgrade each time, has kind of killed that early buzz. Is it cute? Absolutely! Would I buy one? Sure…for my grandma! Anyways, regardless of your phone preference, you can’t help but laugh at this video. I mean, it’s worth watching just to get to the part where the lady says, “Megapixels. We got em down to eight.”


Commercials Like These Are What I Love About Advertising!

The above commercial, titled “Origami,” was created by Energy BBDO Chicago for Extra gum.

I’m a graphic designer. Often, my job at work is to create the art and not necessarily conceptualize the ideas. Someone tells me what they want and I bring it to life with text and images. This is not to say that I can’t do conceptual work. I LOVE IT and I’m blessed to have a mind for it. Often, I find myself writing my own little commercials and lately, I feel that the conceptual component of advertising is where I’ll end up. It just takes getting the right opportunity. I’m working on that!

“Defined Lines” – An AWESOME Blurred Lines Parody!

This video was created by the Law Revue Girls, which is a student group from Auckland University in New Zealand. LISTEN to the words because they’re awesome. It really makes you ponder this current culture we live in that completely objectifies women and normalizes it, without doing the same to men. The double standard is real people! Need proof? Well, this video was originally removed from YouTube because of its’ “sexually inappropriate content”. It has since been restored.

I’m Fat and I Finally Found a Bike!



Hello fellow fat bikers! This is my main post about biking. Read on to find out how to purchase your bike, learn about retailers that cater to us, and enjoy my experiences as a fat biker. This post has been around for a long time and I keep updating it, so some of this may not interest you. Just keep scrolling until you find the information you need. Happy riding!