Geraldo Rivera is a Dick. But a Dick Can Be Right.


I am no fan of Geraldo Rivera. When he’s in the news I cringe. The guy is like that creepy grandpa that has more opinions than you care to deal with. However, as mature adults, we owe it to ourselves to hear all opinions, and to acquiesce when someone has a point.

This morning, my love asked me if I’d still love her if she got fat. Given that I’m fat, you’d think she wouldn’t even ask, but she did. And she was serious. “Of course I would,” I blurted out. Was I telling the truth? I had to think about it, but ultimately I decided that I was. However, do I want her to get fat? Nope.

A Child Molester Tried to School Me. The Devil Lost.


KadoGwinnettThis post is about a child rapist/molester/terrorizer, named Kado Renfro, who goes by the name of “Pastor Kado.” From now on, he shall be referred to as “Pastor Pedo.” Anyways, this sick, demented soul called himself coming to my blog last year to offer his help to “save my lesbian soul.” I happily turned down his offer. (I have also posted screenshots of our correspondence at the end of this post.)