Wednesdays Blurbs …

gabbyEver since that Amber Rose interview with Rev. Run and Tyrese surfaced, I’ve read disparaging comment after disparaging comment … from black women. We’re so busy regurgitating “hoe rhetoric” we can’t even see how illogical it is. Let me tell you, the war on rape culture will never get anywhere if women don’t even support themselves. Sometimes, I think the black community is absolutely doomed. Then I remember my ass is black. O_o

Monday’s Blurbs …

JebThis is my favorite meme today. I can’t stop laughing. Oh Internet!

I am not leaving America if Trump becomes President. Our people were raped, beat, and slaughtered to make America successful. This is my country and I intend to admire the fruits of my ancestors tortured labor until the day I die! How many of you are managing to empathize with, or be kind to, or maintain relationships with someone that thinks Beyonce’s performance, #BlackLivesMatter, and kids like Tamir Rice are what’s “wrong” with our country? Being black will never be easy in America, but we are equipped for this! And what makes you think any president will ever improve our plight? How many of you have felt relief after 8 years with a black man? No one will improve your lot, but you. So yes, you can leave, but the cost (renouncing your citizenship ain’t free) of fleeing could very well be reinvested into yourself, your local community, or your children. Wake up, step up, own your power, and claim your birthright!

“Interior decorating has come a long way since father first papered the parlor.”

Pretty incredible, isn’t it? How far interior decorating has come. I’ll never look at old wallpaper the same again! The printing process, and all of the people involved, had me spellbound. I almost studied printing in college, and even back then, the machines were amazing. Pre-mixed colors in a can! And the last time I did a press check, I didn’t even see paint. The room was so clean.

Technology is a beast!

Wednesday’s Blurbs …


MarShawn McCarrel II | Copyright: Facebook

MarShawn McCarrel did more for people in his short life that some of us will ever do. But compassion and empathy comes with a hefty price tag on the soul. Rest in peace brother. #BlackLivesMatter

Bernie Sanders took the Democratic New Hampshire primary. I know Hillary’s drawls ain’t touching her nowhere! I still don’t buy that Bernie can win in the general election, but hell, I didn’t think President Obama had a chance either. Life can be so sweet when I’m wrong.

Gas is so cheap, I’m almost afraid to buy it. There’s gotta be a catch! What’s the catch?!