Tuesday’s Blurbs …

I’m not unfriending Trump supporters on Facebook, assuming they haven’t already unfriended me. This is not meant as an indictment of those who choose to do so (you might not need that negativity in your life), I’m just not doing the same. Personally, I feel so accomplished that I’m not overly affected by people that disagree with me. After I’ve shaken my head in shock, I pretty much go back to thinking about my own awesomeness and remembering “I’m gone be alright!” So as long as you’re not posting, “Hang the nigger” memes, I don’t see why we can’t be civil. I’m perfectly fine with talking about something we have in common. Like delicious food. Everybody cares about delicious food.

It’s Super Tuesday. This time tomorrow, we’ll have a clearer picture of our political future. If ever I was meant to be knocked out and in a coma for a year, I’d ask for it to happen now, because its going to be a long 8 months and I wouldn’t mind missing the nonsense.