Monday’s Blurbs …

jackbrad-wideYou ever wake up, get dressed and walk out the door feeling like Brad Pitt, just to pass by a mirror and see you’re looking more like Jack Nicholson? That shit just happened to me this morning. Freaking Mondays.


pope_francisPope Francis has given priests the right to forgive abortions. This just happened in 2016. Before this year, I guess you just drowned in a pool of your own shame, guilt, and regret. If ever there was a religion to wrap you in the weight of your own inadequacies, it’s Catholicism. It’s a wonder every serial killer hasn’t been a Catholic. Can you imagine living your whole life without forgiveness? That’s enough to drive someone mad.

Thursday’s Blurbs … The Flummox Edition

Some things in this life just flummox me. Things like:



Toilet Design. I have Squatty Potty’s in all of my bathrooms. It has changed my life. Why in the world are toilets still designed the same? Like, who is the guy in charge of the toilet companies that’s saying, “Skip what we’ve learned about the colon, toilets aren’t going to change!!!”

Overweight vegetarians. I will give you a pass if you just started a year ago, but five years later, I have to ask what’s happening. What in the hell are you putting in your broccoli dish?! And why in the world would anyone give up burgers and bacon if they weren’t going to get skinny?

President Trump


By now, I imagine acceptance has set in that Donald Trump is our president. Fortunately, I’ve prepared myself. After the Bernie fiasco, I knew we were headed for trouble, and by the time the debates were coming to an end, it seemed clear that even those rejecting Trump’s rhetoric weren’t prepared to embrace Clinton.

Actually, even Democrats struggled to embrace Clinton. How many of us voted for Bernie? Even the traditionally staunch and dependable black community showed trepidation. Black Twitter trending #GirlIGuessImWithHer said it all. Hillary Clinton faced a country wanting something new, especially after 8 years with a Democratic president, and what she brought to the table was an old name and nothing inspiring. Her years of experience were overshadowed by the years of having actually experienced her.