When somebody dies, you’re probably going to hear about it on Facebook first, so make sure you’re connected to the people you care about


The night when Doug and I first met. Kindred from the start.

Many years ago, way back when I first met my homeboy Doug, we mentioned becoming Facebook friends. The conversation went something like this:

Doug: “Aight, cool. Send me a request.”
Me: Staring at him like he’d lost his mind. “Nah, you send me a request! I don’t send people friend requests!”
Doug: Staring back at me as if I’d lost my mind first. “I don’t either!”
Me: “Well I guess we aint gone be friends!”

That’s what I liked about Doug. His ego was as big as mine.

Friday’s Blurbs …


I’m so sick of Barack and Michelle’s Obama’s vacation. Why is Barack Obama so happy while over half of the country is miserable? Why doesn’t he MISS us?! We need to force his ass to come back to work.

I hate reading on social media about immigration. It just shows how uninformed and utterly lacking in compassion many Americans are. You can spend 20 years legally navigating through our immigration process and still not be a citizen. And if you have children here, they can’t even START the process and sponsor you until they’re over the age of 20. Becoming an American citizen is hard, expensive, and takes a long time. As such, I feel confident saying that if your first words are “deport them” in the immigration debate, you are a dick. And apparently, that’s something YOU’VE spent 20 years working on. Being a dick.

Why in the hell didn’t I know about New Orleans?!


Photo by Michael DeMocker, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

Have you heard about what happened in New Orleans yet?

I have a buddy there. Today, I sent her a Snapchat message and asked if she was okay. She is. Her soror, who’s home (along with her newly remodeled kitchen) ended up across the street? Maybe not so much. Thankfully, the dog survived inside the house as it was relocated. Grim stuff.