Does the above meme look familiar? This week, I saw it quite a few times in different variations. It reads, “Just because we didn’t work out, doesn’t mean I stopped rooting for you.”

That is so inspiring. Do you feel like that? I don’t. If someone hurt me or broke my heart, FUCK THEM.

And yes, I’ve said those words before. I was lying. When I said them to a person that hurt me, I lied to their face. I was trying to be the bigger person. Bitches.

Tuesday’s Blurbs …

As a child, I experienced some of my best naps when an adult put on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. This past weekend, my niece and I went to see the movie in 3D. Midway through, we were both sound asleep and didn’t awaken until the movie was almost over. After it went off, a few people in the theater clapped. My niece looked as confused as I was that anyone had enjoyed it. Walking to the car, she looked over at me said, “TiTi, we should not have saw that!” I couldn’t have agreed more. I don’t know why I listened to the internet. That cartoon was boring then, and the movie is boring now. Special effects can’t fix the lamest love story ever told.

Thursday’s Blurbs …

A number out of Indiana called me three times this morning before I answered. It turned out to be Sallie Mae (Navient isn’t a real thing). She wanted to know when I’d be paying $200. I explained to her that I’d just paid $400. Then she said “thank you for your payment” and asked me for $200 again. I told her I was now “broke as hell.” She said she understood. Then, after learning I was employed, made a reasonable wage, and wasn’t on government assistance, she informed me she couldn’t help me with any alternative options, but said if I agreed to make another payment within 30 days, she wouldn’t report to my credit. Ask me if I care about her reporting to my credit. I already have a house, car, credit card, and every other soul sucking option you use good credit to attain. I’m sufficiently broke and don’t need anything else. As for the next payment? She gone be waiting!

If you believe, you can achieve! Marissa Mayer has proven you don’t have to excel at your job to be a BAWSE!

By Robert Scoble – “Marissa Mayer, introducing new search features” at Flickr, CC BY 2.0

If the deal goes through without incident, Marissa Mayer will lose her job as CEO of Yahoo!, but receive a 23 million dollar severance package. In July, she’ll have been with the company five years.

In comparison, I was laid off from my job after 4 years and 10 months. I can’t recall the number now, but after taxes paid me a visit without lube, my severance check amounted to a little over $3,000. Most of my friends considered me to be lucky.

Tuesday’s Blurbs …

I am not shocked by Ben Carson’s speech. You shouldn’t be either. He agreed to run the Housing and Urban Development department, but his expertise is medicine. When was the last time you sought out your doctor’s advice to buy a house? And before we all jump on the “Ben Carson is stupid” train, lets remember he’s a famed neurosurgeon. It’s not a hoax. He performed amazing surgery. So, instead of insulting his intelligence, how about we just accept what he’s been telling us from the very beginning: He gives ZERO FUCKS. When somebody tells you who they are, believe them.

My mom had a dream to take us to paradise and make Florida home

An old picture of mom in one of those ridiculous Florida shirts.

Sometimes I dream I’m back in Florida. Nothing really happens. I’m usually just driving over the Gandy Bridge to St. Pete or walking around Ybor or pulling up on Siesta Key or riding my bike in South Tampa. Lately, I’ve started to think those dreams aren’t just about Florida. Maybe they’re my mom’s way of talking to me.