5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Missed Mo’Nique at the Improv


1. Mo’Nique is still HILARIOUS!

I’m sure some of you wondered if she still had it. Let’s be real here: Your exposure to Mo’Nique, in the last few years, has been less funny and more dramatic. From the talk show to the Academy Awards, you’ve been marveling at this woman and her talent…but you haven’t been laughing.

Well, she’s back on the comedy circuit and it won’t take long for you to remember why she’s famous (for being funny) in the first place. Let me tell you, from the talks about her husband(s) and children, to her talks about weight loss and coping with people’s opinions about it…right on down to pulling people up on the stage, chile, Monique is freaking hilarious!

And REAL. You’re laughing cause you get it. Cause you can feel it. Cause maybe the same damn thing just happened in your own house. From her facial expressions, to her hand movements, to her saying “bitch” at just the right moment…Monique pulls you in, just like she always did. And luckily, her growth and life changes haven’t made her any less funny. At 45 years old, Monique is still cracking you up, just about more grown-up shit. I can relate. I got responsibilities too!


2. The show was only $40

Meryl Streep. Denzel Washington. Clint Eastwood. Morgan Freeman.

What do these people have in common? Well, they’re all Oscar winners, just like Mo’Nique. Now ask yourself…how many of these people could you hang out with for two $20 bills? Then ask yourself…would any of these people stand on a stage and entertain ME for two $20 bills?

If you said “none of them,” I’m willing to bet you two $20 bills you’re right!

You see, for $40, I had a funny, talented, famous, legendary comedian and actress, with an Academy Award, standing on a stage, while sweating, telling me a bunch of jokes. And on top of that, while telling me these jokes, she just so happened to take multiple time outs, to celebrate my existence and THANK ME for spending my money to see her. Some of us can’t get that much appreciation from our girlfriends and boyfriends, even after paying the rent.

So who really got the good deal here? Me or Mo’Nique?


3. Her opening act, Tone-X, was on some grown man shit and I loved it!

Tone-X is one funny dude. He’s a smooth, older looking gentleman with a sexy voice that knows how to dress FLY! From his head, down to his shoes and socks, this brother meant business!

It’s so nice to see a black man in a suit. Never gets old. I get butterflies and start thinking… “Now if I was straight…”

But I digress…Tone-X cracked the crowd up! He, like Mo’Nique, was very relatable. He talked about his wife and his home and trying to be a good person. There was talk of sex and all the other raunchy things comedians add in, but he remembered to bring us full circle. By the end of his act, he was talking about his sons and being a good father and you were still laughing…but also nodding your head in agreement. Grown man shit indeed!


4. The LGBTQ family was accepted, loved and embraced 110%!!!

One of the first things out of Mo’Nique’s mouth was how much she appreciated the support she’d received from the LGBTQ community. She hammered this message throughout her show and never shied away from the topic, even when the audience did. I think I probably spent most of my night looking at my bestie and grinning like an idiot whenever Mo’Nique said “gay.” It was a great feeling!

The first of two very touching moments was when she brought a lesbian couple onto the stage. She questioned them about their life together and then  “married” them in front of everyone. She also gave them $200 to cover the costs of seeing the show, upon hearing that one member of the couple was currently unemployed. It was sweet and just a cool ass thing to do. She didn’t make a big deal out of it either. Just moved on to messing with someone else at the show. That alone was enough to justify my being there.

The second moment was when she talked about her own young son, whom she feels might be gay. She spoke about how he was watching her put on makeup, once, and kept saying how much he wanted to be like her. After questioning his interest again, and him repeated that he wanted to put on make up like her, she said, “Well, grab one of those brushes right there and let momma show you how to do it.”

There was a noticeable gasp from the crowd. Mo’Niques response: “I wanted my son to know I support him” or something to that effect. Let me tell you people…I couldn’t have been more proud to be in that room, than in that moment. To see such support shown, not only openly, but in her own home as well?! This is why this woman is my SHEro!


5. There was no “Fat Hate”

You know what I’m talking about. It’s all over the news: Fat People are killing America. Our “sick, about to pass out and die in the middle of the street asses” are the reason healthcare costs are so high. We all have diabetes! Expanding waistlines have ruined the country.

And after all of this hate propaganda comes the “inspiring” stories on CNN.com, and all over Facebook, about the fat ass people that went to a gym, stopped drinking, stopped eating, gave up all their friends and devoted themselves to losing the weight so they wouldn’t be fat and disgusting anymore. Basically, it’s a message sent to the world that if you stop being a fat ass and turn into one of the skinny, beautiful people, you’ll be the type of person that’s worthy of praise and attention in America. 

I hate that shit.

And so when Mo’Nique got on that stage, obviously smaller, I was afraid she might rant on and on about how much better of a person and human being she was because she’d lost a good part of her former midsection.

But she didn’t do that.

Instead, Mo’Nique said she wanted to be able to do a freaky sexual position with her husband. And she hoped to be more fit so that she could play with her young children. Mo’Nique said, “I aint tryna be skinny. I’m trying to be healthier.”

That, America, is how you convince us fat people to eat more vegetables.

You see, life should not be about being skinny. And you won’t be a “better” person because you get there. A smaller waistline does not guarantee you a better life. Newsflash: SKINNY PEOPLE HAVE BODY ISSUES AND LIFE ISSUES TOO.


There is only one true way to be a good person: You just do it. You be kind to others. You treat people with respect. And yes, you make an effort to respect and be kinder to your own body. That means us fat girls can’t be afraid to tackle the tough job of losing some weight, for the right, mentally healthy reasons.

So thank you, Mo’Nique, for just trying to be healthier. And for telling people that it’s okay not to be a size 0. And for still supporting us who aint quite on your fitness level yet. Message received, I appreciate you and you look FABULOUS! (The photo to the right is from Saturday’s Show. My buddy Robin took it and let me use it for the blog! Thanks Robin!)

I bet you’re sorry you missed the show now, right?!

PS: Both Mo’Nique and Tone-X are on twitter. They both already sent me a shoutout. Pretty cool hunh? Go follow them now:

Monique: @MoWorldWide

ToneX: @ToneXComedy

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    • You really ought to go. It’s a fun night out! I definitely recommend an Improv show because they’re more intimate. You can actually see the comedian and you feel like it’s nothing to speak to them. Plus, this is Mo’Nique. I’m just saying, she’s on another level.

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