A Child Molester Tried to School Me. The Devil Lost.


KadoGwinnettThis post is about a child rapist/molester/terrorizer, named Kado Renfro, who goes by the name of “Pastor Kado.” From now on, he shall be referred to as “Pastor Pedo.” Anyways, this sick, demented soul called himself coming to my blog last year to offer his help to “save my lesbian soul.” I happily turned down his offer. (I have also posted screenshots of our correspondence at the end of this post.)

Ever notice how it’s always those who’ve sinned the hardest that want to call themselves saving somebody? Anyways, clearly, it was this coward that needed to be saved. He has been accused of raping and molesting children, and is currently in jail awaiting trial. And it appears he has been doing it for a long time.

My goodness, the devil be busy! Let me tell you something, everybody does not support that I am a happy, proud lesbian. Everyone does not believe I’m going to heaven. Everybody does not like me. Now ask me if I care.


Anyone that wants to throw a bible at me about my “lifestyle” better first look at how BLESSED I am. Look at everything I’ve been through. Read my bio on the “Who Am I” page. Then read through these blog posts and see what I keep surviving and triumphing over. I am the definition of a survivor. So if you want to tell me that GOD does not support me, I’m going to ask you where these blessings are coming from. You know who’s been more highly favored than Shaq Diesel? Oprah Winfrey!

If I were to speak to Pastor Pedo today, I’d say: “Guess what? I too was raped and molested as a child. By people as SICK as you. And you know what? I SURVIVED that too. I am one blessed and highly favored lesbian. God has been saving my soul for a long time. Man…what happened to yours?!”

I’ll speak no further on this. I’ll simply pray for his victims and I ask readers of my blog to do the same thing.

And finally, I’d like to send a shout out to Mr. Anthony Carter, whom alerted me to this nonsense. Like I said, the devil be busy…but God be busy too!

Pastor Pedo’s Letter:


My Response:



2 thoughts on “A Child Molester Tried to School Me. The Devil Lost.

  1. You handled him very well. I wonder what in the world he searched for in order to land on your blog. Creepy reading his post. A predator at work.

    You’re a great person Shaq.

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