A tornado touched down near my house!


Sweet Baby Jesus, I believe I aged 10 years.

I was relaxing in my chair and watching a movie on Netflix. Next thing I know, the rain got crazy, the thunder and lightning got super loud and then my phone started making this loud, obnoxious noise…which was creepy, because I always keep my phone on silent. I picked up the phone and it was a weather alert saying that I needed to seek shelter because a tornado was in my area.

Directly after this, my phone rings and it’s my boss. She’s saying that a tornado touched down by the Air Force base and the bad weather is hovering over Interbay Blvd. I live by the Air Force base, off of Interbay. As my boss is telling me this, I look outside and the rain is coming down so hard, I can’t see past the parking lot. Then the thunder and lightning hit so hard I began to shake. I started getting scared on the phone, while asking my boss for more information and headed towards my computer. Right as I got to it, my power went out. I immediately told my boss that I had to drive away from my apartment. She informed me that driving into nothing might be a bad idea. Given that my neighborhood was now pitch black with booming thunder, I had to agree.

It’s around that time that I got off the phone and completely lost my mind. I followed that up with walking around in circles. Yes, for about 30 seconds, I was autistic. Then I snapped out of that crap, put on my shoes, grabbed my car keys and went and laid in my bathtub. I suppose if the tornado hit, I was hoping to survive it and then jump in my car and drive somewhere afterwards. Bless my heart.

Finally, as I laid in the tub wondering if my life was about to be all “Twister” with Helen Hunt, I dialed my Mom and Stepdad and had them pray for me. The weather alert said I’d be in the clear by 7:45 pm. I stayed in the tub, on the phone with my stepdad, until 8 pm to be safe.

Now I’m sitting here and all I can figure is, God wanted to tell me something.


  1. No matter how strong you think you are, or how much your momma gets on your nerves, the minute you’re truly scared you’re going to call her if you can.
  2. I know I’m famous for skipping out on church, but I never fail to end up somewhere praying when I’m scared. I have a theory: If anyone ever feels confused or conflicted about their religious beliefs, they should have somebody scare the dog crap out of them. I guarantee it’ll make them realize what they really believe. And I’ll put $5 on God.
  3. I know I tease my parents about having a church and secretly laugh and call them the “God Squad” behind their backs, but goodness, am I glad they’re in the Jesus business!