America is going to work some of us to death!

Remember Rick Moranis? He acted in some of the most successful comedies from the 80s and 90s. I just watched a video about him on Facebook and I was struck by how sadly American the whole affair was.

Around 1997, Rick Moranis left his Hollywood career behind. We’ve never seen him on film or television again. This is because his wife lost her battle with cancer (Fuck cancer!) when their two children were still babies. Even though everyone called him crazy, he decided to give it all up to focus on his kids. He has no regrets.

 For the most part, the video’s comment section skewed two ways. Either people were really inspired and/or calling him a hero for making this choice, or they were annoyed others considered him inspiring for leaving Hollywood when he could clearly afford it.
The videos theme: Family First.
But mostly, I just noticed that either way you looked at it, people were only talking about money.
The Western world is work obsessed. The pursuit of the almighty dollar is so ingrained in our culture, we’re AMAZED a rich man would choose to take his money and actually spend time with his children.
And we begrudge, not so much that he was able to be with his kids, but that he could AFFORD to do so.
It’s just always about the money. I swear, America is going to work most of us to death. Some of yall gone die at work … or on the way there. Here’s hoping it happens in a high traffic area so somebody can find the damn body.
Makes you wonder what the point of being a superpower is. I get dropping dead in a factory in China, but in the United States … well, that’s just a waste of first world opportunity.

Fortunately for Rick, whenever his time comes, I’m sure he’ll be lovingly surrounded by the children he chose to put first. Good for him. Everybody aint able.

See, I made it about the money.

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