As time runs out on cashiers, I’m betting you’ll miss them when they’re gone!

Self-service kiosks at McDonalds. Photo: Thomson Reuters

Some of yall have zero respect for cashiers. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. My first job was at Burger King. If I hadn’t ended up working security in college, that would have literally been the worst job I’ve ever had.

And it’s YOU ass wipes of the world that are probably rejoicing at the dawn of the self-ordering kiosk. The articles are popping up all over the place. More businesses are interested. Sooner, rather than later, you’ll no longer have a pesky person to deal with when you make a transaction. You’ll just tap the machine. Pretty amazing stuff, right?

I mean, until you’re in the self-service line at Walmart and press the wrong thing like a dipshit and get stuck waiting on that ONE human cashier to help you and the seven other dipshits who’ve also pressed the wrong thing. That’s always the moment when I question what I’m really gaining.

Call me crazy, but I’ve come to believe the self-checkout line isn’t much faster, and on the days it is, it’s only because I had one item … and did all the damn work. I drove to the store. I chose my items. I checked myself out. I paid for everything. For all that, I could’ve stayed home and used Amazon. Aha Jeff Bezos. AHA!!!!

But you know what rubs me the most wrong about this? My young niece is losing yet another character building job that could have helped her realize, as a teen, just how hard her Titi has worked to help give her a better life. Now aint that something? The kids are already fighting adults for the cashier positions and now there won’t be many left.

I’m all for embracing the future, but I can’t help but lament things lost.

I tell ya, we never know what we have until it’s gone.

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