Awkward Black Girl is FREAKING AWESOME!


Allow me to introduce you to one of the funniest, most realistically relatable shows available for FREE VIEWING online. Awkward Black Girl.  It’s epic.

What I love so much about this show is how REAL it is. You know this girl. Maybe you are this girl…and even if you aren’t her, you’ve been in a situation and behaved the way she does. She doesn’t just do awkward, she embodies it. You feel it right down to your bones. Bones that will be shaking like a hoe in church as you laugh your butt off!

Here’s the thing about this show: People can’t really put it into words. Not in a way that I think will make you want to watch. You just really have to see it for yourself and then you’ll get the hype. I mean, even if it aint your cup of tea, you can’t help but respect the genius of the writer (and star) Issa Rae. So start watching. I promise, you’ll understand why people that rave about it, do so very enthusiastically. I mean, I’ve had friends tell me about the show, but it wasn’t until Mo came into my house and forced me to watch an episode that I became a believer.

And now I’m drinking the Kool-Aid baby! Come get you some too. You know you like Kool-Aid!

Now watch Episode 1 below! And after you’re done laughing, visit the website to keep the awkward party going:


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