Burger Culture – Food Truck


I have the “Double Trouble” burger – Chipotle cream, pickled red onion, cheddar cheese, roasted poblano and cilantro on a Brioche bun.

Burger Culture is the shit. I recommend you try them out! I’ve had a few of their burgers and never regretted it.

What I love most about these guys (other than the fact that their burger is actually a hunk of meat) are the unique topping combinations they use. I mean, who’d think to put cream and pickled red onion on a burger? These guys! I was skeptical when I looked at my burger (face it, it looks disgusting), but then I bit into it. All of those random items blended together into a very tasty burger with a small kick of spice. No regrets here baby, I enjoyed it down to the very last drop!

You can do without the fries though. They don’t taste any different than standard diner fries. They put their own blend of salt, or whatever it is, on top but it doesn’t really alter the blah factor.


Of Note:

  • Burger Culture has their standard menu shown in the photo above, plus their “Burger of the Week” which is an item that you can never find on the regular menu. You just have to hope they have it on the week you visit. The “ouble Trouble” is one of those items. Good luck catching it!
  • These guys never have water. They tend to offer Coke, Diet coke and Mountain Dew. If you can purchase something else to drink, do that.
  • They always have a line. This food truck is known for good burgers. Be prepared to wait.

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