Wednesdays Blurbs …

gabbyEver since that Amber Rose interview with Rev. Run and Tyrese surfaced, I’ve read disparaging comment after disparaging comment … from black women. We’re so busy regurgitating “hoe rhetoric” we can’t even see how illogical it is. Let me tell you, the war on rape culture will never get anywhere if women don’t even support themselves. Sometimes, I think the black community is absolutely doomed. Then I remember my ass is black. O_o

Monday’s Blurbs …

JebThis is my favorite meme today. I can’t stop laughing. Oh Internet!

I am not leaving America if Trump becomes President. Our people were raped, beat, and slaughtered to make America successful. This is my country and I intend to admire the fruits of my ancestors tortured labor until the day I die! How many of you are managing to empathize with, or be kind to, or maintain relationships with someone that thinks Beyonce’s performance, #BlackLivesMatter, and kids like Tamir Rice are what’s “wrong” with our country? Being black will never be easy in America, but we are equipped for this! And what makes you think any president will ever improve our plight? How many of you have felt relief after 8 years with a black man? No one will improve your lot, but you. So yes, you can leave, but the cost (renouncing your citizenship ain’t free) of fleeing could very well be reinvested into yourself, your local community, or your children. Wake up, step up, own your power, and claim your birthright!

Wednesday’s Blurbs …


MarShawn McCarrel II | Copyright: Facebook

MarShawn McCarrel did more for people in his short life that some of us will ever do. But compassion and empathy comes with a hefty price tag on the soul. Rest in peace brother. #BlackLivesMatter

Bernie Sanders took the Democratic New Hampshire primary. I know Hillary’s drawls ain’t touching her nowhere! I still don’t buy that Bernie can win in the general election, but hell, I didn’t think President Obama had a chance either. Life can be so sweet when I’m wrong.

Gas is so cheap, I’m almost afraid to buy it. There’s gotta be a catch! What’s the catch?!

Sundays Blurbs… Nov. 10, 2013


Good Morning! Today, I do not feel burdened by anything, as I am just grateful that I’m not in the Philippines. If you find yourself being overwhelmed by some issue or personal problem, just think…at least your city didn’t get hit by a typhoon. This is not to say that your problems aren’t serious or overwhelming. This is just to say, you could have those problems AND be buried beneath the rubbage of a typhoon. Or even worse, dead from that typhoon. Perspective people. Shit or Fertilizer!

Sunday’s Blurbs – The God Squad Edition

ShaqueaHairFlipFor those that don’t know, I like to write blurbs every now and then. They are blog posts composed of a collection of short thoughts, ideas and things that have happened to me. Over the course of the next week, any blurb posted will be a “God Squad” edition, given that my parents arrived in town yesterday. I refer to them as the God Squad because my step father is a pastor, my mother is in training and together, they own a small church. Whenever they visit, I just…well, judge for yourself. So far:

Wednesday Blurbs… March 6, 2013


I like little people. Kids are cute. I miss my niece. She is the cutest on earth. Today, if I close my eyes for too long, I see her and my heart hurts. One day, I’d like my own kid. Then nobody could take her away from me.

The “Nude Night” art show has returned to Tampa. I know someone who went last year and recommended it. Tickets are $20 and the show is Thurs-Sat of this week, from 6pm-12am. I’m attending either Thursday or Friday. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Friday’s Blurbs… March 1, 2013


Every time I ride my bike, I hear this wheezing sound. It’s a cross between a dying animal and an out of breath marathon runner. I’ve come to accept that this sound is coming from me. Nothing makes you feel fatter than pedaling a bicycle.

Speaking of that bike, I finally got a helmet. I look like a jackass in it, but man, do I feel safer.

Wednesday Blurbs… Feb. 20, 2013


Have you seen the movie “Life of Pi”? No? Well go see it!

I’m invited to 3 parties this Saturday. In St. Pete, SoHo and Carrollwood. That’s 3 different sections of Tampa Bay. I want to attend all three. Something is going to turn out wrong. (Don’t even get me started on gas.) Explain to me why one of these damn parties can’t be on Friday?! Newsflash people: Saturday isn’t the only day to throw a party!

Saturday’s Blurbs… Feb. 16, 2013


I’m 16 days into my alcohol cleanse and I find that I’m not really missing alcohol. It’s not because I don’t want to drink, it’s just that I know this cleanse won’t last forever, so I’m enjoying the health affects of abstaining. I think I’ll do a cleanse twice a year. It feels good. Check me out above with the Raging Bull. A non-alcoholic drink at Bar Louie. My coworkers just drank around me. Just insensitive! Hahaha!

I am so fuckin gorgeous. I was looking at myself in the mirror and I couldn’t help making that observation, nor could I help sharing it. *Kissing myself on my non-existent bicep.*

Wednesday Blurbs… Jan 2, 2013


While I was no fan of 2012, I am very happy with the lessons I learned. Hell, I screwed up so many things, I can’t help but feel smarter in 2013!

Mo and I refused to leave the house on New Years Eve. South Tampa is full of people that buy fireworks and shoot guns on celebratory occasions. Given that most people are pretty damn stupid, we felt it best to minimize our exposure to firepower. Today’s TBT has a story on a woman that got hit by a falling bullet. Clearly, we brought in the New Year smart.

Friday’s Blurbs… Dec. 21, 2012


My lovely parents are in town for Christmas…

Everything in my apartment is sticky. The tables, the buttons, the door handles, the floor…it’s all sticky. As a matter of fact, my niece is sticky. I don’t want her to touch me, but she can’t stop crawling on top of me. I love this little girl to death but I swear, she is disgusting. I’m afraid to move from this spot. Shit, I bet this spot is sticky!

Tuesday’s Blurbs… Dec. 4, 2012


I wish I would’ve won the Powerball. Then I’d be sick in Brazil, hanging with my homie Breezy Says on the beach. Instead I’m sick in my apartment in South Tampa, listening to all those damn planes the military has flying during the day and all these ridiculous dogs that my neighbors have. Shit. If I wasn’t so hell bent on finding peace today, I’d seriously be asking myself if maybe there should be more to life.

Saturday’s Blurbs… Nov. 17, 2012


I do believe I have woken up drunk. I have no words for that.

While talking to coworkers about finding a stack of $1 bills in my pocket, I happened to mention that they were left over from the strip club. Some of the women promptly asked me why I’d waste my money in one. I was shocked. I mean, some of them were Republicans! Now, given that all Republicans want to talk about is the dang economy, you’d think they’d be down with supporting it however they could. And hey, making it rain on strippers is supporting the economy in the barest form. Strippers got bills too!

Monday’s Blurbs… October 29, 2012


While I am in love with the new iMac from Apple, I am disgusted that they’re killing the optical drive. It is so annoying when electronic thinness comes at the cost of options. They just want us stuck in iTunes for everything. So proprietary. UGH. Anorexia sucks.

It seems like the healthier the breakfast and lunch are that I bring into work, the fatter the pastries are that someone else brings in that morning. What’s wrong with these damn people? I don’t use my oven for anything but sweet potato fries and Tyson chicken tenders! If I ever leave this company, I’m going to work somewhere with a bunch of young, unmortgaged, childless people who are too broke to share shit. These bitches making me fat!