David Banner’s “The God Box is Life!

I’ve finally listened to David Banner’s “The God Box.” One reviewer called it “The best album of his career.” I couldn’t agree more. I almost bumped “Mississippi: The Album” to death. I recall feeling the same awe then, that I felt today. He was right on time in 2003 and he’s right on time in 2017. This album showcases and proves his growth, not only as a man, but as a human being. If you were an early fan, you’ll listen to “The God Box” and hear the evolution of David Banner. When one of your favorite rappers literally transcends their headspace … bruh … that’s good music.

This Kid Sounds So Much Like Elvis, It’s Kind of Unbelievable

I can’t even lie. My mouth dropped when this young man started singing. His name is David Thibault and he’s a 16 year old, from Quebe,c that has begun a career as an Elvis impersonator. He officially puts everyone else that ever did the job to shame. And with his good looks and jet black hair, I think he’s going to have a long career. I mean, wow! Check him out for yourself. And visit his YouTube Channel for even more Elvis renditions.

Have You Heard of “The Internet?”


And no, I’m not referring to the world wide web, I’m referring to the band. The Internet is a funk duo that consists of Odd Future members Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians. Thanks to Writer/Professor Sheree L. Greer, I have the YouTube video, below, to their entire album, “Feel Good.”

You may have heard of Odd Future, as they’ve been all over the blogs recently, often because of news involving Odd Future’s leader Tyler, the Creator and/or Frank Ocean who is also a member of the hip hop collective. Suffice to say, Frank is NOT the only talented member of the group. The Internet is killing the game! You connect with them on Facebook as well.

THIS Is How Men Should Treat Drunk Women!

If you’ve been watching the news, you already know America is having a problem with young men and rape. I’d suggest we start showing this to boys early. It’s NEVER okay to rape a woman. No matter how much of a hot mess she’s acted. Shaq Diesel has been there. Shoutout to my homeboy Chris! Dude has gotten me home safe a couple times!

I Know My Goddaughter Wasn’t Born Homophobic, But She Sure Sounds Like It!

I really loved this video. It gave me up hope for young children today. And it especially made me smile, as I had a troubling experience with my goddaughter this weekend. For a moment, I was left questioning if maybe I shouldn’t be in her life.

This past weekend, somehow or another while talking to my 9 year old goddaughter, we ended up on the topic of marriage. She spent a great deal of time informing me that, not only was she going to plan my wedding, but she was also going to be my flower girl, bridesmaid and maid of honor. I imagine she’ll be the only one in the wedding.

Need a Laugh? What Does the Fox Say?!

I don’t know what they’re drinking in Norway…but it sure makes them hilarious! Check out “Ylvis” (pronounced Illvis – like Elvis, except the E becomes ill). These two Norwegian brothers are a comedy duo and have a talk show in Norway. When it came time to promote their new season, they shot the What Does The Fox Say video as a promo. This hilarious “joke” now has 114 million YouTube hits and counting. They’re saying it’s the next Gangnam Style…and I have to agree that’s what the fox would say!

Jennifer Lewis Will Give You Life!

At the premiere for the movie “Baggage Claim,” actress Jennifer Lewis was asked what advice she’d give to aspiring actors who are trying to get into the business. This is what she said. It’s worth it to watch the video for this quote alone: “The elevator to success is broken. Take the stairs.”

CHURCH!!! Jennifer just got SHEro status!

Microsoft Spoofs The New iPhone

I’m Team iMac AND Team Android. Yeah. I’m multifaceted like that. Anyways, I have never gotten the hype over iPhone. I mean, it was cool when it first came out…but a billion generations later, with only one killer upgrade each time, has kind of killed that early buzz. Is it cute? Absolutely! Would I buy one? Sure…for my grandma! Anyways, regardless of your phone preference, you can’t help but laugh at this video. I mean, it’s worth watching just to get to the part where the lady says, “Megapixels. We got em down to eight.”


Commercials Like These Are What I Love About Advertising!

The above commercial, titled “Origami,” was created by Energy BBDO Chicago for Extra gum.

I’m a graphic designer. Often, my job at work is to create the art and not necessarily conceptualize the ideas. Someone tells me what they want and I bring it to life with text and images. This is not to say that I can’t do conceptual work. I LOVE IT and I’m blessed to have a mind for it. Often, I find myself writing my own little commercials and lately, I feel that the conceptual component of advertising is where I’ll end up. It just takes getting the right opportunity. I’m working on that!

This Kid Will Make You Believe in Elvis!

Can you remember the last time you heard your song and just FELT IT?! I’m talking about, you sang it so hard, it was like you were at Madison Square Garden?! Well, this kid loves Elvis and she goes IN. You’ve got to see it for yourself. If you don’t want to see the whole video, you have to at least go to the 1:05 mark, the 2:15 mark…and the very best…the finale! Go to the 4:16 mark and let the video play on out. You’ll fall in love with music all over again. And I can guarantee you’ll fall in love with this kid too. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!

I Prefer Art That Hangs On Walls


This is Khaulah, on the left. On the right is one of her amazing paintings. Pretty cool hunh? Even cooler? Khaulah is having an online Art Sale! Click her photo or this link to visit her website and browse her collection. You can also contact her directly on Facebook. Shaq Diesel supports the arts!

Need another reason to support Khaulah? Well, I just finished reading an article about a clinic in California that offers low cost tattoo removal. People are flocking to this place. The two most common reasons: job discrimination and removing an ex’s name.

Ebony Dedicates September Covers to Trayvon Martin


In September, Ebony Magazine is dedicating four covers to the ‘We Are All Trayvon’ movement. The main cover, above, features Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, brother Jahvaris Fulton and his father Tracy Martin. The other covers, below, feature celebrity fathers Dwayne Wade, Boris Kodjoe and Spike Lee posed with their son(s) in grey hoodies.

Highlights in the feature include:

  • An exclusive interview with Trayvon Martin’s family
  • A profile of the Dream Defenders, who are fighting to get “Trayvon’s Law” passed
  • Feelings from other 17 year old males about being black in America

Vh1’s TLC Movie Trailer

Keep an eye out, because in October, VH1 is bringing us “Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story.”

The iconic R&B will be portrayed by KeKe Palmer as Chilli, Drew Sidora as T-Boz and rapper Lil Mama as the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

I wanted to be in TLC when I was a kid, so I can’t WAIT to see this. It looks promising and I’m hoping the actual film will live up to the trailer. *fingers crossed*

Racism Sucks and Kids Know It!

Did you see Cheerios commercial above? Well, people on YouTube went crazy and posted a ton of racist comments on it. It got so bad, the company finally disabled the YouTube comments section. Apparently, there are still a lot of people that have an issue with interracial relationships. That’s right…the President of the United States and Halle Berry just aren’t good enough for some people. Go figure.


I Don’t Fuck With Flipper!

dolphin rape dangerous shaqworld.com black lesbian

Aww, isn’t this a cute picture? Umm…NO! In this life, one should never judge a book by it’s cover. ShaqWorld.com does not support any human, unscientific contact with dolphins! ESPECIALLY CHILDREN!

Flipper. Free Willy. Winter from Dolphin Tale. These are all kid-friendly movies/characters. You watch them, you say “Aww” and you laugh, meanwhile, your kid wants a dolphin toy and can’t wait for you to spend an exorbitant amount of money, at an aquarium or amusement park, so that they can get a picture kissing one. You think this is okay. I think it’s child abuse. Read on to learn why.

Save a Bee, Save the World

bees i love fucking science shaqworld.com black lesbian

Thanks to “I love fucking science” for this AWESOME photo!

I’ll put this simply: Bees pollinate crops. We need bees in order to eat anything that grows in the ground. So unless you want to live in a world where all you can eat is a slab of meat, which I personally do not, we have to find a way to keep bees alive.

Currently, Bees are dying by the tens of millions. It’s a frightening thought. Pesticides are bad! And changing the farming process into an industrialized business is just as bad. Technology and greed are one hell of a dangerous combination.