Chef Thai & Sushi on Henderson


I had the Beef Noodle Soup. We started with an appetizer of the fried chicken sushi roll. Both are good! I definitely recommend the fried chicken roll for someone that is maybe new to sushi, or iffy on trying anything raw but wanting to avoid a big tempura roll.

This is one of my favorite Thai food spots in Tampa. I highly recommend them. The food style here is less gourmet, more, momma’s kitchen. And when you’re in the mood for that, it’s a fantastic thing!

Prices are very reasonable. An entree, a standard soda and a 20% tip will only run you about $10-$12. I’m not lying!


  • When you order the food hot, it’s actually HOT! Be careful. At your standard, Americanized Thai spot, hot tastes like medium and sometimes barely that. Here, you can break out in a sweat when you order hot. I know I do…but it’s just so delicious!
  • The portion sizes aren’t super mammoth, which accounts for the small price range. That’s something I like about this place. I just don’t feel AS fat as other places. Which isn’t saying much, cause it doesn’t get any fatter than pad thai!
  • The owner is so nice! I visit often and he always acknowledges me and we talk for a bit if I’m not engrossed in something else. They also serve you a small, friend spring roll with every entree for free. It’s a cute touch, whether you eat the roll or not.