Confession: St. Pete Sista’s Scare Me


On dating sites, whenever I receive a message from a black woman in St. Pete, I immediately assume the worse. I mean, check out Marlo Hampton (above) who practically gave me a heart attack on The Real Housewives of Atlanta when she mentioned she was St. Pete. And then, I just shook my head, because, well, I wasn’t surprised. If you saw that season, she kept it BoughettoRatchet for the rest of the season. She made St. Pete look BAD.

So yeah, there is no nice way to say this, so I won’t waste my time being politically correct: Some of the most ghetto, ratchet black women that I have encountered, since being in Tampa, have all been from and/or lived in St. Pete.

This is not to say that I have never met a nice black woman that called St. Pete home. Merely that, I can probably count those classy ladies on one hand. The rest have left me at a loss for words. And that is not easy to do.

I think there is something in the water.