Dan Cathy Talks Too Much!

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This is Dan T. Cathy, the president of Chick-fil-A.

I really wish Dan Cathy would shut the hell up when communicating with the public! You see, every four months or so, I want some freakin Chick-n-Minis from Chick-fil-A for breakfast! Unfortunately, this guy is ruining it for me with his homophobic hate speech and now I have to experience an identity crisis every time I get my craving!

And I’m dead serious here. You see, the last time I had a craving, Dan Cathy jumped his old crotchety self on Twitter and hated on the Supreme Courts DOMA ruling. At that moment, I knew I couldn’t eat Chick-fil-A anymore, though I’d tentatively made my peace with the place, once they agreed to pretend they no longer supported gay hating businesses. Don’t judge me. Chick-n-Minis are the bomb!

Chick-fil-A Chick-n-minis shaqworld.com

Anyways, I only lasted a few days before my craving won out and I ended up sneaking into Chick-fil-A for my usual order of minis. And I do mean sneaking. I walked through the door hesitantly and I as I looked around at all of the fine, upstanding white people, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were noticing I was gay and judging me. After all, they HAD to see me. I was the only black person in there. Damn you Dan, damn you! Thanks to you, I’m actually thinking about the fact that your restaurant is full of white people. Before, it didn’t even matter. We were all there in solidarity, ready for our chicken and Polynesian sauce. We were a Chick-fil-A family. Now the house feels divided!

Understand this: I don’t care that Dan doesn’t like gay people. This is a free country. He doesn’t have to believe in or support anything he finds distasteful. He has the right to think I’m going to hell and I have the right to think he’s a jackass. Reciprocity baby!

But dammit, I prefer business owners to SILENTLY take my money, not take it and pay for a platform to shove their ideas about right and wrong down my throat. Dan Cathy is rude as hell! Chick-fil-A was the one fast food joint I could visit without feeling like a total fat ass and now his big mouth just won’t stop ruining it for me! Show a little respect for gay customers Dan. We like chicken too!

People need to learn to treat homophobia like racism. Hide it and pretend it doesn’t exist. Then we could all eat Chick-n-Minis in peace.

Can’t we all just, EAT ALONG?!

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