Datz – In South Tampa on MacDill


Datz calls this meal the “Waffles n’ tweet.” Black people call this meal “Chicken and Waffles.”

Anyways, this meal consists of boneless fried chicken, cheddar cheese waffles, jalapeno-maple syrup and sauteed spinach. It was a huge entrée and I only ate half. That’s saying something.

The food was good, but nothing to write home about. And for a whooping $18, you’d be better off buying some chicken strips and grabbing an Eggo waffle. I’ve been to Datz 2 or 3 times and I’ve yet to be blown away. They have quirky menu items. I think it’s the kind of place that you have one favorite dish at, instead of multiple. If you’ve never been, I say try it out, but I will not give them a good recommendation just yet.

Expect to spend about $12-20 bucks for one person, depending on what you order. And if you’re a sweets eater, make sure you try the Monkey Bread. Now that, I DO RECOMMEND!