“Defined Lines” – An AWESOME Blurred Lines Parody!

This video was created by the Law Revue Girls, which is a student group from Auckland University in New Zealand. LISTEN to the words because they’re awesome. It really makes you ponder this current culture we live in that completely objectifies women and normalizes it, without doing the same to men. The double standard is real people! Need proof? Well, this video was originally removed from YouTube because of its’ “sexually inappropriate content”. It has since been restored.

Isn’t it incredibly suspicious that this parody video was removed, but Robin Thicke’s video hasn’t been? I mean, just like in the original “clean” version of Blurred Lines, the parody has people in their underwear with their private parts covered, though featured prominently. It’s the same, just with a gender reversal! Even crazier? The “uncut” version of Robin Thicke’s video, which features topless women, is easily accessible! It’s parked on Vimeo, which you can get directly to from YouTube. Seems to me like these guys in tittie whities are tame in comparison. That is, unless you’re a douche that thinks it is fine to look at female private parts, but a gross violation to look at men’s.

Makes you want to crap on that double standard, eh? Anyways, enjoy the video. It’s cute and so are the women in it. Holla at me ladies. *wink wink * Shaq Diesel loves the feminists!