Django Unchained was a fantastic movie!


It was pure Tarantino: humor, glory, guts and a whole bunch of killing. I truly enjoyed watching Jamie Foxx shoot up damn near every person in the movie.

I have no interest in the “controversy” that’s surrounding the movie. I don’t think this movie makes Quentin Tarantino racist, I think it makes him bold and inventive. If anything, black people ought to be mad that they didn’t think of this shit first! I We really need to stop skating around controversial issues in this country. The best way to deal with hurt feelings over past wrongs is to confront them, own them and make sure they’re never forgotten. If anything, I’d like to give Quentin a high five over his very accurate portrayal of slavery. Put simply, slavery sucked. It was brutal and cruel and Tarantino didn’t shy away from that, which I appreciated. The minute we start sugar coating the bad shit we’ve done, we’re allowing room for the behavior to return. At the same time though, he was also able to inject humor into the story, which lightened what could have been a very heavy load.

Now, of course Spike Lee is boycotting it…but Spike Lee boycotts everything about black people that he didn’t do. Moving on…

The movie pretty much reminded me of Inglorious Basterds, in that we saw revenge for heinous acts from our past. However, unlike Inglorious Basterds, this movie was more serious and true to the time and slavery. It was realistic and the plot was singularly focused. Django wasn’t out to get all the white people. He just wanted his wife back. I think this is what kept the movie grounded. You were able to believe Django’s story was possible and you truly delighted in all those racist assholes getting a piece of their own medicine. Slavery sucked and we can’t change it, but how awesome is it to imagine that maybe some people were able to exact a little revenge?!

The beauty of movies and storytelling is that we are able to see a fantasy come to life…and nobody does a revenge fantasy quite like Quentin Tarantino. If you like his movies, this one definitely needs to be on your list. Just go have a good time and don’t over think it. You’re there to be entertained.

Plus, it’s worth it to see the movie because Kerry Washington is in it and she’s my baby momma. Mmmhmm.