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I know you’re thinking it…who in the hell named this truck?! It’s just terrible. I’m going to give them a pass though, as their specialty is clearly a fryer and not marketing.

Anyways, I have the Monte Castro Sandwich – Hot Pressed Cuban Sandwich (Ham, Salami, pulled pork, swiss cheese, pickles, special sauce) battered and deep fried in a sweet, spicy batter. For dessert, I have the Fried Oreos. The should probably just call the sandwich “Heart Attack on a Plate” and the Oreos “Coronary Waiting to Happen.”


This sandwich is DELICIOUS, which is pretty custom with anything deep fried. However, I have to give them points for flavor. I don’t really like Cubans, but something about the batter, coupled with the extra Sriracha (the spicy component) on top just worked.


I didn’t prefer the Oreos, but they weren’t nasty. I’m just not much of a sweets eater. My coworkers all tried them (an order has 4 or 5) and then moaned and walked away. That’s usually a sign of something that’s good, but too fat to justify eating on a large scale.

I recommend you try this food truck…BUT ONLY ONCE. And only if you walk almost a mile to get to it, as my coworkers and I did, or if you’re splitting the sandwich with someone else. It’s basically fair food and that’s not something anyone needs to eat daily if they want to live. Actually, we probably shouldn’t eat it at all.

7 thoughts on “Dochos Hot Off The Press – Food Truck

  1. Ok guilty as charged, I am the one that named the truck and BELIEVE me if I could have changed it a long time ago I would have. Long story about the name but it was done before the truck and easier to leave alone then to change all of the legal crap. Glad you like the Monte Castro, and yes we have a lot of fried items some carnival type foods that you just cannot get every day. But if you want to try some NON fried items may I suggest the Twisted Italian or the hot pressed chicken salad.also you may want to try the Cuban not fried, I know you said you did not like Cubans but if you liked the Monte but do not like fried you will love our cuban yes the Sriracha does make a difference BUT I think it is a slow roasted pork mixed with our special sauce that makes the cuban soooo good. We did win 2nd in the Cuban Sandwich Festival. We are also adding a non fried item for dessert such as cream puff strawberry shortcake with homemade whip cream. Come on by and itroduce yourself I would love to give you some of our non fried items to try. I will convert you to a more then one time vistor. Thank you for taking the time to write about us. I LOVE the honesty. Makes me want to be a loyal reader. Great job

    • Hahaha! Oh man, I’m sorry, but it’s true. The name…that’s a killer. Have you ever heard the story of the Goo Goo Dolls? They also dislike their name. It was something they came up with casually when they were young and then they blew up so fast, by the time they realized they had to kill the name, it was so popular they couldn’t take the risk. We really have to take branding serious, from the VERY BEGINNING. My day job is a designer in marketing and publishing, so I take this kinda thing seriously.

      I will definitely return, if I can find you! I tell ya, finding food trucks are like playing “Where’s Waldo.”

      I look forward to checking out some of your new stuff. And don’t feel like you gotta give me a darn thing. I started this blog to talk about things I like to do and my authentic self. I wasn’t looking for any freebies. I just wanna keep it real with anybody who cares to read my thoughts.

      Thank you for commenting and I hope you’ll continue reading the site!

  2. I enjoyed a the Monte Castro at my work, because diffrent food trucks come everyday and I thought this would be my opportunity to try the fried cuban sandwich… but I was writting to see if I can get a schedule or if you could post where you are located, or even where the truck is going to be, so that I can get one for my fiance asap…I know he would love it!
    Thanks in advance!!

  3. Hey…I enjoyed the Monte Crastro at work because different food trucks come to my work every day and I took the opportunity to try something new! LOVED IT!
    I am writting because I would like a schedule of where the truck will be so I can grab another for friends and family. You can either post it or email it, that would be great.


    • Hi Missy!

      Unfortunately, I, like you, just follow trucks and eat. I have no idea where they’ll be. If I hear of one, I drop by and try them out. The owner posted a comment, but not a email. Sorry! Try looking up their website or visiting their twitter!

  4. Hey Saq I hope it is ok that I reply to Missy. If not I hop eyou can give her our Facebook page.

    Thnak you Missy,

    I am so glad you liked it We are out and about A LOT. Tonight we will be at MOSI. Tomorrow 05/11 we will be thre different places 1. Tampa International Cell Phone Lot, 2. Ybor City, private party but I will post the address on my FB page and Movie night at the Grand Hamptoins (again I will post it on my FB page).

    Please “like” us at Dochos Concession on facebook I should always have our locations. If it is not on there you can always email me at

    Thank you again, you have made my day,
    Dochos Concession

    • No big deal at all! Connect with each other. That’s the point of my blog. To inform people about things I experience. Anyone that reads this will probably be wondering the same thing. I’ve been asked about your contact info a few times already. When I get a chance, I’ll be sure to add your Facebook info to the write up!

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