Edison food+drink lab – Downtown Tampa


I had the duck, cooked medium well. It was delicious!The potatoes had a port wine reduction on them. Mmm!

For appetizers (Sorry, no picture!): We also had the goat cheese truffles. They were very good, but the flavor is incredibly rich. It may not be pleasing for everyone. And only eating half of a truffle may be enough for some. I also tried oysters for the first time here. They looked as creepy and slimy as ever, but tasted pretty darn good. I detected a bit of lime, which I really enjoyed. I’m glad Edison was the first place I tried oysters. I don’t think they’d be for me if they came out of a can.

I highly recommend this place, but prepare for the sticker shock. This entrée ran me about 40 dollars. With two people, plus appetizers and a glass of wine for both of you, expect a $100+bill. Then add tip.


  • You have to valet park behind the building, but it’s free. The actual storefront of the restaurant is on Kennedy. I’m sure you could maybe create a space for yourself a few streets over, as the narrow street behind the restaurant is reserved for the valet, but that’s just being cheap for no reason. If you’re going to spend this kind of money, just go all out. Tip the dang drivers!
  • Make sure to make a reservation! You can do this from their website. There’s no way you’re getting a table without one. While waiting on my own table, I watched many a sad couple get turned away. Also, Get a reservation before 8pm! The night I went, our reservation was after 8pm and the restaurant ran out of red meat. My whole party ended up with the duck, because that was pretty much all they had left. Ultimately, the chef came out and apologized to us and with the food being as good as it was, all was forgiven. I’m willing to bet they don’t intend to let this happen again, however, anything is possible, especially given the popularity of the place. Something to think about.
  • If it’s a chilly night, try not to get seated by the windows! We got seated by one on a cold night and it felt like we were outside. Those darn windows are thin. We had to ask them to move us to the interior of the restaurant, as we just couldn’t take the cold anymore. 


  • You may be very close to other diners. This place is popular, so they’d really need a cavernous space to pull off privacy, which is something you really can’t expect Downtown. It’s no big deal, just something to be aware of. And some of the tables have a bit more space than others.