Ever Had a Friend that Couldn’t Be, or Do, Anything Alone?

I have a few of them and I think it’s tragic. Don’t get me wrong: Nothing beats good company. It’s just too bad that some people haven’t figured out that their own presence is good company.

I have really come to value alone time in the past few years. Sometimes you just need to be alone in your own thoughts. No offense to the women I’ve dated, but food tastes better when you can eat it without having to be neat or keep the conversation interesting.

Funny…I remember seeing a married couple at dinner, when I was younger, and judging them because they weren’t talking. I easily assumed they were unhappy. Now, I can’t help but wonder if maybe they weren’t just enjoying their food together. Amazing how time shifts a perspective.

I say all this, not because I wish to be alone for the rest of my life, but rather because I’m coming to realize that I don’t want to have to sacrifice “me time” in order to be in a relationship. If I could make a wish for anything in my spouse, it would be that she would respect my alone time because she values her own. I’d ask that she understood I wasn’t rejecting her, merely seeking time to think.

Lol, now watch me go marry an old clingy ass, nagging ass broad!