Ever heard of GPS Tagging?

If you’ve never heard of GPS tagging, this story is probably going to scare the bejeezus out of you! DON’T LET IT! I swear, news outlets have never encountered a story they couldn’t turn into the next apocalypse. It’s just not that serious people. Below, I’ll tell you how to disable GPS tagging on your phone.

First, let me say this: The easiest way to deal with this issue is to disable your GPS and all GPS location services on your phone. However, I can’t personally recommend this. If you’re anything like me, you use your phone for everything! Whether I need directions or want to find a movie theater or the closest RedBox, I am always using my GPS. And hey, what if my phone needs to be tracked? I’m just saying, GPS is pretty darn useful and if it wasn’t such a battery drain, I’d leave it on constantly, instead of toggling it on and off as I currently do.

With that being said, I find it absolutely useless when it comes to photos. I upload too many images, to various social media sites, to leave such a blatant digital trail. As such, I definitely recommend you disable GPS tagging on photos. It’s a simple fix, but every phone isn’t the same. I’ve tried to mention the most common methods of disabling the feature:


Samsung Galaxy:
Above is a photo of me holding my Samsung Galaxy 3. It’s not the best photo, but you can see that I’m in the camera. The second setting that shows “off” is the GPS tag.

  • Go Into Your Camera
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Find “GPS Tag” and cut it on or off

Other Androids:

  • Go Into Your Camera
  • Set “Store Your Location” to off

On iPhone:
I am an Android user, but from what I can see, each iPhone is different. Below are ways I’ve found you can get there:

  • Go to Settings > General > Location Services
  • Or, you may need to go to General > Privacy > Location Services
  • Cut the GPS off for your camera

Older iPhones:
Apparently there’s no setting to control the GPS on individual apps on older iPhones, so unless you’re willing to totally disable your GPS, you’ll have to set the iPhone up to prompt you, the first time you reenter an application, whether or not you want GPS services for it. If you’re willing to go this route, here are directions:

  • Settings > General > Reset
  • Now select: “Reset Location Warnings” and then “Reset Warnings”
  • Now enter the camera app. When prompted, select “Don’t Allow”


  • Go to Camera > Menu > Options
  • Change the Geotagging setting to “Disabled”
  • Save your updated settings

Palm Pre (Do people really buy these phones?!):

  • Go to Location Services
  • Turn off “Geotag Photos”

If you have a different phone, perhaps these solutions won’t work. Don’t freak out. Try a variation of the above solutions. Your safest bet will always be to go into your settings and tinker with GPS or Location settings or to go into your camera and play in those settings. Good luck and I hope you maintain some semblance of your privacy!


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