Ever Want to Give Someone “Real Talk”?


Because, you know, they’re uttering ridiculousness. The type of ridiculousness that just makes you want to give them some “real talk” and tell them like it really is? Well, I have some for them:

“I’m studying psychology.”
You’re probably going to be unemployed.

“I’ve never been there…or there…or there…but I’m going soon!”
Shut up. You’re never going to go.

“When I get out of school, I’m going to do this and own this and conquer this…”
You clearly have not graduated yet.

“Bitches aint shit.”
No…you like aint shit bitches.

“All of my friends want to fuck me.”
That’s because you’re an attention whore that doesn’t actually want a friend who isn’t interested in fucking you.

“I don’t want to use up your gas but I need a ride.”
Is this supposed to be a stalemate? Just get your simple ass in the car. We both know you asked because you really want to use up my gas. Dipshit.

“Did I really do that? Are you sure?”
No, I’m not sure. This is all fiction. I made up this whole jacked up story because I thought it would be fun. *blank stare*

“Why are you acting like this is a big deal?”
Why don’t you care that I think it’s a big deal? Bitch.

You’re feeling me hunh? Yeah, I know you are!

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