Every Lesbian Needs a Homeboy!


Check out Chris! I love this dude!

I’m not much of a television watcher. Most of everything I watch is viewed on my iMac when I have downtime. As such, my flatscreen in the living room is collecting dust and the old monstrosity Chris is carrying was in the bedroom, where it was almost always unplugged.

See, my mom come to stay with me, once, for a about a month. She was disgusted I didn’t have a television in the bedroom. I told her she’d be alright. She said okay. Then I came home and I had the above time capsule waiting on me. That’s what I get for talking back to my mom.

Anyways, I hated that damn television! Everyday I woke up and it was a reminder of how little shelf space I had left for knick knacks. I kept telling myself I’d get rid of it, but always forgot. Until today!

Today, Chris showed up in basketball shorts and he just LOOKED READY to work. Bam! Now the television is goneeee!!! All of the “man hating” lesbians need to get they damn life. Dudes come in handy…they have man strength!

He doesn’t know it yet, but his next project is getting my bicycle onto the indoor bicycle trainer that I have sitting in the middle of my living room floor. He’s just over here walking around the dang thing like it aint something he can fix. This fool better recognize!

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