Every press conference Colin Kaepernick participates in proves we aren’t doing enough


People are still talking about Colin Kaerpernick and it makes me want to throw up. He’s speaking about injustice, in particular racial injustice, and critics are still trying to pick his stance apart. As if caring about injustice is criminal.

People will look you in the eye and say they aren’t racist (and believe it), but reactions tell a different story.

We all have a little bit of racial bias in us. That’s hard to avoid in America. Our countries founding principles are built on the blood of those deemed “other,” and that collective history has affected our consciousness. Yet, I’ve spent my whole life keeping a straight face while white people have sworn they don’t have a “racist bone in there body.” Let me tell you, there is never a more illuminating moment about a person, than when they tell that lie.

People are reacting to the world they live in. You being uncomfortable with racism only exacerbates the problem. It exists. We all play a part in it. Every press conference Colin Kaepernick participates in is a reminder that we haven’t done enough.

It’s time to stop calling him a douche and start hearing what he’s saying.

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