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I’m so sick of Barack and Michelle’s Obama’s vacation. Why is Barack Obama so happy while over half of the country is miserable? Why doesn’t he MISS us?! We need to force his ass to come back to work.

I hate reading on social media about immigration. It just shows how uninformed and utterly lacking in compassion many Americans are. You can spend 20 years legally navigating through our immigration process and still not be a citizen. And if you have children here, they can’t even START the process and sponsor you until they’re over the age of 20. Becoming an American citizen is hard, expensive, and takes a long time. As such, I feel confident saying that if your first words are “deport them” in the immigration debate, you are a dick. And apparently, that’s something YOU’VE spent 20 years working on. Being a dick.

Last night, instead of going to bed, I spent hours writing restaurant reviews and adding my pictures on Google. No lie. I looked up and it was 3 a.m. Thus far, that may have been the single biggest waste of my time in 2017, but I really enjoyed it. Lately, I keep thinking about how I can turn all of that useless, enjoyed time into money. There’s a key to happiness there, I just haven’t found the hole. Actually, it might behoove employers to think about this as well. Just think, if I loved my current job as much as I enjoyed last night, I’d be the most productive worker in the building. Human Capital. It matters.


I recently purchased the pictured onesie. When I had to use the restroom, my mind formed a blank. Fortunately, my friend was there to let me know the hole in the butt (that I hadn’t even noticed) was actually a “butt flap” that served a purpose. Everything was all gravy until I went to wipe and had to engineer my hand to the front of my body. Look … the butt flap is a terrible invention in my opinion and it is not obesity approved. That is all. Said onesie is now functioning as an extra pillow on my bed.

My next damn onesie will have a zipper.

I woke up this morning and decided to make an 80’s music playlist. About 10 songs in, I stopped. I’m all for useless, enjoyed time, but this was just a pure waste of energy. We need to let Spotify and Pandora do their job.


I just found out George Clooney and his wife are having twins. I give zero fucks. I’m still Googling and talking to friends to learn about New Orleans. I swear, the older I get, the more I hate the media. Where is the news that matters? At least Beyonce gave us hilarious photos. George is just somewhere being salt and peppery. Thanks B. You da real MVP!

It’s FriYAY! How Bah Dah … ugh. Why is she famous? Fix it Jesus!

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