Friday’s Blurbs… March 1, 2013


Every time I ride my bike, I hear this wheezing sound. It’s a cross between a dying animal and an out of breath marathon runner. I’ve come to accept that this sound is coming from me. Nothing makes you feel fatter than pedaling a bicycle.

Speaking of that bike, I finally got a helmet. I look like a jackass in it, but man, do I feel safer.

I renewed my lease and met the new building owners. Yep. The old landlord sold this fucker right beneath our noses! The new owners have already come by and set me up with maintenance, have an online system and are actually building a case against Little Baby Jackie Joyner-Kersee and her mom. Most importantly: They only raised my rent $25. That last fucker was going for $45. What can I say? C.R.E.A.M. The new owners are alright with me!

Last night, I spent some time with my aunt. We were both struck by how HAPPY and CONTENT we are in our lives. I do not know how long this moment will last, but man, do I love it! Happiness is the fuckin bizness!

Happy Friday!