Gay Community Peeve


Nothing irks me more than overly possessive people in relationships. When I’m out and see people that I know, particular femmes, I like to wave hello and/or speak. I mean, hey, I’m friendly. And it usually goes something like this:

I say “hi,” the woman acknowledges me, and suddenly her girlfriend, the stud, pops up and gives me the death stare. You know, the stare where they look at you so intensely you think you’re going to explode, while staring at you with a fake smile that says “I want to stab you?” Yeah, that uncomfortable stare.

Then I wave or say hi to the stud and get the “Sup dawg” mumble, an aggressive head nod and more evil looks. If the stud is in rare form, the next time I see them out, neither will speak to me at all. They’ll pretend like I don’t exist. Maybe I’ll even go home and the young lady and I are no longer Facebook friends.

Really? How ridiculous is that?!

Let’s be real here. It does not matter how “sneaky” any woman is. You can only lose your girlfriend to someone if she wants to leave. If your woman cheats on you, it is never the other woman’s fault. Your woman talking to me doesn’t mean a damn thing. It doesn’t mean I want her. It doesn’t mean she wants me. And hell, even if I do have a thing for your girl, I am not disrespectful and I am not messy. And you know what? Nothing is going to happen, anyway, if your girl…

  1. Has some class.
  2. Is happy with you.
  3. Has respect for you.
  4. Has some damn class!

Now, if you really feel unnerved for some reason. Be woman enough to stop me, next time, and let me know how you feel. It’s real easy for two grown ass woman to have a conversation. You say, “Man, that’s my girl and I’m just hoping you have good intentions.” I go, “Man, it ain’t nothing. She’s nice. I think she’s an interesting person to talk to.” Then we move on. Honestly though, I think it’s sad you even need to say this! If you do, that means either you’re insecure or your woman is foul. You clearly have bigger problems than me.

I completely respect a persons right to end a friendship if it tampers with their relationship. If you love a person, you need to do what it takes to keep your relationship healthy. That means, if a femme has a flaw ass stud friend that wants to talk about how “We should’ve hooked up,” and it’s complicating your current situation, you should let her go. Real friends won’t try to compromise you like that. However, we really need to be able to tell the difference between a person that’s trying to ruin what you have and a woman we’re dating that’s insecure. Think of that Noah’s Ark storyline. The big gay guy, you know, the feminine acting one, he was always acting insecure. It was a turnoff. However, he was completely right about the crazy guy that threatened to cut him. There’s a time to listen to your girl, and a time to tell that heffa to read a self-help book.

Ladies, become more confident. Be better to your woman and trust that God and you can maintain your own home. And most importantly, choose better women. It would REALLY go far in eliminating the drama. Til then, if you don’t want to be friends with me anymore because your girlfriend is psycho, thank you for leaving. My life is happier without the two of you. Crazy bitches!

5 thoughts on “Gay Community Peeve

  1. Shaq, this issue isn’t exclusively “gay community.” I’m basically the white male version of you, open and nice and friendly. I’ve had plenty of girls that get overly possessive – even trying to provoke the girl I spoke to – and there really is nothing you can do other than say “here is how I am and if you can’t deal with it, we shouldn’t be doing this anymore.” And you’re right, it shouldn’t have to be said… and yet, here we are discussing it.

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