Gengiz Khan – Authentic Turkish Cuisine


The Premium Meat Lover’s Special: Lamb chops, chicken chops, large shrimp kebabs, beef filets, homemade doner & chicken kofte.

These people know how to make meat! This is definitely something you buy on a special occasion though. This was tray costs about $60. The larger version is $117.

I recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for a carnivorous good time. Whenever I visit, I have a meat plate or the lamb chops. If you’re not looking to do that though, you can just visit another Greek style restaurant. There are more in Tampa that cost less. And unless you’re as far south in South Tampa as I am, it’s a really long drive. This place is almost at the end of MacDill!


  • They offer hookah. I’ve never done it before. Something about eating a ton of meat and smoking doesn’t appeal to me, but I do think it’s cool they have it.
  • Try out a Turkish Beer. I thought it was pretty good!
  • Be careful with their salad. That pesky vinagarette on it almost always ends up on you or staining the bag or something. The veggies in the salad also turn it a reddish color, which is a nightmare on laundry. It tastes pretty darn good though!