GiGi’s Cupcakes – Neptune and South Dale Mabry


I have the Double Stuff cupcake – Dark chocolate cake filled with a marshmallow cream, Oreo buttercream frosting also filled with marshmallow cream, topped with a mini Oreo.


These cupcakes are very big and the frosting is probably half the weight. The frosting is also incredibly rich and sweet. I didn’t even eat half of it, as it was just too much and took away from the cupcake flavor. Actually, I can’t tell you what the cupcake tasted like. I just tasted the frosting.

Overall, I was not impressed and do not recommend GiGi’s cupcakes.

Some might think that’s harsh. GiGi’s has a ton of flavors, so it’s possible that my combination just didn’t work out. The problem though, is that this cupcake would be the quintessential cupcake for me. I’m really not a sweet eater, but when I crave it, chocolate cake, dark chocolate, buttercream frosting and Oreo flavored items are definitely on the list. If they couldn’t win me over with this, I’m not sure what would. I’m willing to try again, just not anytime soon, especially considering Wrights is nearby. Now those people know how to make sweets!


  • These cupcakes are very large and have a ton of frosting. If you Google the nutrition on them, don’t be surprised if the calorie counts fall in the 700-1000 range. One is a fat ass meal!
  • GiGi’s is located in the plaza adjacent to the Publix Plaza on South Dale Mabry, near Henderson. If you’ve never been in this area, it may be hard to find.