Happy St. Patrick’s Day Birthday to Me!


Yes, my birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day. No, the picture above isn’t from today. It’s an older birthday picture, but pretty much expresses my “whatever” mentality about my birthday.

See, it actually stresses me out a bit. Here’s the thing: I wake up on my birthday and I feel this incredible need to do something. Like, it’s a holiday AND my birthday. I feel like I’m wrong if I’m not ready to live it up and run around to bars screaming, “Today is my birthday!” so that I can get free drinks.

Thing is, I don’t want to do that. Even when I was much younger, I was never one for huge crowds in a bar. I like to talk and I like to be heard. I also don’t like getting dirty. A bar full of drink people screaming about leprechauns almost ensures I can’t talk, I can’t be heard and someone is going to spill a drink on me.

Furthermore, I am not much of a birthday celebrator. I know it sounds crazy. After all, I call myself Shaq Diesel and pride myself on an ability to “run them streets.” Thing is, I do that often. I’m happy, young, single, social and blessed to have a little bit of disposable income. Everyday is a party to me, if I so choose. So yeah, my birthday is just another day to me, one where I happened to be born many years before.

And in part, all of this is why today, as I turn 29, I have absolutely no plans on my birthday.

Besides, I’ve been so busy, this past week, celebrating it’s approach that I never got around to planning anything! It’s just kind of been “let’s see what happens.” Today I woke up and went to breakfast with my bestie Mo and smashed on chicken and waffles. Then we headed back to her place, watched a little reality tv, ate some cake and then I came home and went to sleep. Yep. I turned 29 into 59!

As I sit here, I can’t help but feel that party pressure on my back. I mean, shouldn’t I put on something green and figure out the rest of my evening? Shouldn’t I get with friends and hit the streets running? Party all crazy like? What does the fact that I’m more interested in sitting home, drinking lemonade, watching tv shows and commenting on all of my Facebook birthday wishes say about me?!

Probably that I’m lame. And I’m okay with that.

If you’re reading this and shaking your head, wondering what’s wrong with me, I’d like to let you know that there is still a little hope for me. My bestie is coming over with food and my homeskillet is coming through with drinks. We’ll sit here, talk shit, wax poetic and imbibe. But not too much, I have to go to work tomorrow.

Yeah. Today is my birthday. And I’m SUCH A FUCKING GROWNUP! (See below hookah photo for proof. Or, err…not for proof.)