Having Family In Prison Sucks

I’m reading a letter from my younger cousin in prison and it just breaks my heart. Life is so fleeting. And no matter how many times I think, “He could have chosen a different life, I did.” I still feel sad, because I know it’s not a realistic thought process. Until you’ve been in that life and had to face those kinds of decisions, you don’t know what kind of person you really are. And when you’re on the opposite end of the wealth spectrum, with the wrong guidance, you have no idea where you might end up. Or how hard it will be to get out. And now, his life is left in the hands of people who’ve seen so many like him, they don’t even care. It’s easy to judge something you don’t know a damn thing about.

I know most have turned their backs on him. Times are so hard these days, people can’t see past their own walls. So today, I’ma pour a drink for my lil cuz. If don’t nobody else care about him, I do.