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  1. So I read some of the stuff on hear I kinda skimmed of the con stuff I already lived it don’t need to relive the atomic ass fuck that is the Tampa Con. I am proud of you Homie You just made me want to start creative writing again. Fuck can I get a break I wanted to go to green and I think It just started raining. So my week is going to be a whirlwind of fuck you’s from the universe. Fuck come on universe lets see the best you got. I refuse to give in to this shit. P.S. Your Homie Chris.

    • Thanks dawg. You know I been working hard!

      And yeah, I figured you wouldn’t touch the Comic Con stuff. That’s a nasty wound that won’t ever heal. And everytime someone reads it, they tell me how disgusted they are by it. What a mess!

      Dawg, we heard the rain at the house party! NOT EVEN COOL! Lol, but you will be aight. Keep yo head up!

  2. Hello young lady Shaquea,

    My name is Pastor Kado from Atlanta.

    I read through your entire website and by the time I completed the part about you being molested and raped and going back to you being born to parents that were 13 and 15 years of age I understood how come you became a lesbian.

    My heart goes out to you not because your a lesbian, but because all though I could be wrong. It seems that thru your upbringing you didn’t know Jesus and maybe have yet to get a relationship with him and your heavenly father.

    You said that you grew up ANGRY AND PISSED OFF! so did I…

    My little sista my beautiful little sista the Father Abba Yaweh loves, you and sent his only begotten son to be persecuted, beaten, bleeding, and hung on a cross and died for you. (John 3:16). In essence you have been bought with a precious price the life of Yeshua (aka Jesus)

    Abba Yaweh has never and will never forsaken you, and all of those things that happened to you he knows and wants you to come to him and he will heal your pain and comfort you like you have never been comforted before.

    I know this may not be posted on your website and that’s fine it was for you…

    I want to love you and introduce you to our heavenly father and the love he has for you if you will email me: pastorkado@gmail.com or call me 678-804-7980

    Many Blessing,

    Pastor Kado

    • Hello Pastor Kado from Atlanta!

      Let me first thank you for posting on my page. It warms my heart that people find my blog, read it and care. That means a lot to me. Let me also say, that I do not delete comments. When you open up your life to a public forum such as this, you have to be willing to take all comments. Not just ones you agree with. And now I will respond to you:

      I did not become a lesbian. I was born one. That is one of my truths. And sir, my sexuality is a very small portion of my life. First I am a person and a woman and a friend. First I am a human being. I don’t think about being gay until it’s relevant. Like, when I want to go out on a date!

      My family was in the church, as are many African American families. And today, my mother has married a pastor and they have a small church. If you truly read through my blog, then you will notice that I laughingly and affectionately refer to them as “The God Squad.”

      I didn’t struggle to find a place for God in my life Pastor Kado. I struggled to find a place for ME and SELF LOVE in my life. That was less about the church and more about me. I had to find some peace about life and the things that happened to me. I had to FORGIVE. I had to grow and gain understanding. I had to realize that my best days were still ahead of me.

      I have gotten to a great place of growth, which is why this blog was born. And I shared my story, because, well, I hoped maybe someone would read it and feel community. Or maybe someone would read it and realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Most importantly, I hoped someone would read it and realize that they didn’t have to feel embarrassed or ashamed about the bad things that had happened to them.

      And yes, I grew up very angry and pissed off, but a big part of why I am no longer that way is because I was able to work on my mental health and also, FORGIVE. We have to come back to that word. FORGIVE. You see, what I found was that…as I opened my heart to forgiveness, I was able to think clearly and see beyond the bad things that happened to me. My mind stopped being clouded by anger and hurt. And from that, this happened…

      1. I forgave my parents. Holding on to that anger only held me back. And it kept me from having a mom and dad. And there are too many people that wish they had parents. And I cannot get the time lost back. One must either move forward or drown in misery.

      2. I realized that I am not a victim, I am a survivor. And part of being a survivor is realizing that, the individuals that hurt you, are just that, individuals. Men as a whole didn’t hurt me. The terrible individuals, that just so happened to be male, did. As such, I am not mad at men. I am not conflicted about my sexuality. I am, however, disgusted by pedophiles and sexual predators. And I’ve made a promise to myself to make sure that if I ever have children, MALE AND/OR FEMALE, they will be taught to respect their own bodies and the bodies of others. This has nothing to do with sexuality Pastor Kado. Sexual abuse is about rage and control.

      3. I learned that, when people improperly judge me or feel they need to save me because they don’t agree with who I am…I have to let that go and let them walk in their own truth.

      Thank you for offering to help me Pastor Kado. I really mean that. However, if your help involves dismissing who I am or attempting to fix what is not broken, I have to turn down your offer. I don’t need you to save me.

      I am okay. I am a survivor. Every day, I wake up and I love me. And I’ve been through entirely too much, and survived entirely too much for you to be able to send me a bible verse and attempt to dismiss my growth. I know you mean well. But what you want for me is your cross to bear, not mine.

      However, if you will, I’d appreciate you praying for me. I’ve found that God will convert it into what I need. Lol, and so far, changing my sexuality does not appear to be high on his list!

      Blessings to you as well sir. And good luck with your ministry. I’m sure someone else will be eager to partake of your services!

      – Shaq Diesel

      • Can I get an AMEN!!! So respectful and loving… and FIRM and CONFIDENT in who you are. It makes me really happy to read a mature, level headed response amid the current climate of antagonistic, mean, angry people! If we could all be like this, and remember we are all PEOPLE! And treat others with respect and kindness.
        Much respect and love to you, Shaq… and thank you for being you. <3

      • YES! This! You are not broken. And thanks for the bike advice. I am moving to Holland and will (not for long), be the largest person in town. Working on it, motivated, and getting the best bike I can for the new journey. Thank you so much for being you!

  3. Hello Shaq… I was reading the comments in regards to Pastor Kado Renfro who was reaching out trying to fix your so caled problem and when I researched him in google I learned that he was recently arrested in Diliuth, GA for raping children for the last 20 years and some where even his relatives! It’s always amazing how people want to fix everyone else but have even worst demons to battle but ignore that. http://m.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/investigators-search-more-victims-minister-accused/nfqY5/

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