Holy Hog Barbecue on Armenia


I have the Beef Brisket sandwich and the Cowboy baked beans. This sandwich does not come with sauce on it, I just forgot to take the picture before drowning my meat in it.

Oh man, I love Holy Hog and I DEFINITELY recommend them! They have two locations. One on Armenia and one in South Tampa on Henderson. I recommend either, though my boss swears the one on Armenia makes the better food.

I’ll tell you right now, neither of them have messed up my brisket. It’s sooo good! I’ve also had the ribs and the brisket quesadilla (good, but cheesy).

Go check them out and see for yourself. They have great sauces, 3 to choose from, so there’s a variety. If you’re not a sauce eater, that’s okay. The meat is good on its own. They also have a nice selection of sides. Try the corn fritters. They bring them out fresh from the oven (or whatever they cook those damn things in) and they’re delicious! I’ve also seen people get excited about the Jalapeno Mac & Cheese, though that didn’t impress me much.

BBQ meat prices are pretty typical. And if you go for a sandwich with a side or a meal (which has 2 sides and texas toast) expect to spend anywhere from $9-15, depending on if you get a drink.


  • These restaurants aren’t big. If you’re eating there, you may end up outside. Seating is covered though.
  • The Holy Hog on Henderson has a drive-thru. Nice!