I Absolutely, Positively Hate Cheap Shit!


This is not me being stank or bougie. This is me being smart. When you purchase cheap shit, it gives you “cheap shit” problems. Like breaking or dying or falling apart, even though we live in a time where things are practically unbreakable!

For instance, my cheap ass COBY 32 inch flatscreen tv. Now, my mom purchased this. She insisted on me getting a tv, she insisted on paying for it, and she insisted on it being cheap. I argued with her, because I hate cheap shit. She finally rescinded the offer.

At this moment, I should have let her keep her money. However, I have a soft spot for free shit (Notice I said free, not cheap). As such, I gave in and let her buy the cheap tv. 7 months later, I’m sitting here with a burnt out tv, missing the Oscars. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m not much of a tv watcher. I do everything on my Mac. As such, this tv has probably only been used 30% of the time. It’s usually unplugged til company comes over.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Always go with your first mind. You never sacrifice your morals, intentions or thought process for anyone else. Not even your mom.

LESSON LEARNED: You get what you don’t pay for. Now I gotta go buy a damn tv!