I Found Onesies for Fat People!

Kigurumi is the Japanese term for a costumed character or tokusatsu creature suit. The word Kigurumin refers to a type of animal-style disguise pajamas worn in Japanese street fashion. Overall, the more you read about the Japanese, the more interesting, odd, and/or weird you may find them.

Fortunately for me, I’ve always like the weird kids. Which is why I’m super excited to share Kigurumi.com. This website sells onesies, except these are hilarious animal costumes like those worn in Japan. I’m a total goofball, so they’re right up my alley! However, when I began to surf the website offerings, the large, adult onesies broke my heart. They are “one size fits all” which never actually fits anybody that looks like me. Fortunately, right when I was about to abandon the website, I discovered they’d added “extra tall” sizes. Yall … my heart sang.

So about me? Well, I’m a fat person. The real kind with unfortunate proportions, unlike like those fine ass Lane Bryant models. I see you ladies. *winks* But anyways, yeah, I’m a real fat person. Standing at 5’1” and a half feet tall and clocking in at 300+ pounds, well, you can imagine my struggle to purchase, well, anything to wear. Let alone something fun and cute.

I’m just going to keep it real. Fashion doesn’t do fat, fun, and cute. The most popular post on my blog is about finding a bicycle for an overweight rider. Basically, the whole WORLD doesn’t do fat, fun, and cute. And then, I’ve got the nerve to be short! I just tick all of the unfortunate boxes. Is it wide enough? Am I tall enough? What are the weight limits? I tell you, anytime I want to do something fun that requires me to fit into or onto something, I’ve got to do my research.

Fortunately, the world is trying to do better by tall people, and their gains always end up being my win. At first glance, you might think it’s odd, but I actually spend a lot of time in the Big & Tall sections. I find that anything made for a very large man, can usually fit a very small, very wide woman. The material that’s meant to stretch up just ends up stretching wide. It’s a real trip. Sure, I may end up with slightly longer sleeves or pants legs, but I promise you it’s a minor inconvenience in comparison to the joy I feel just being able to get inside of something.

So now, I bring you to what you’re really here for. More photographic evidence that I got my fat ass in this onesie. In addition, I’ve added something even more exciting. I’ve an actual tall person to help me test the onesie. She is 6’1’’. Like me, she also experiences problems finding clothes. Apparently, those lengthy outfits models wear on the catwalk are only for fashion shows, and even if she does luck upon them, she probably won’t find anything in her size. Suffice to say, I felt like I was approaching a science project when I decided to purchase us matching, adult onesies. In these photos (I’ve blurred her face to protect her privacy), we’re both wearing the same onesie. See what I mean about Big & Tall clothes?

Of note: These onesies are purposely baggy, so clothes can be worn beneath them. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’d be as comfortable doing that. We both tried the onesie on in underwear. While the onesies would still fit if we had on clothing, it would be uncomfortable unless it was something simple like a t-shirt and shorts you’d wear to bed. But we still fit it! And that’s what counts! Overall, we’re very happy with this purchase. I literally only have one complaint: There was a small hole in one of the pockets. I’ll be contacting the company about that and I’ll let you all know how they respond.

And never fear … if you don’t find Kigurumi.com onesies to your liking, just check back soon. I’m planning to do a similar review on a onesie from “Kigurumi Shop.” Word on the fat streets is that their onesies are slightly more spacious.

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