I Fucks With Fiona Zedde


Are you reading Fiona Zedde?

Okay, here’s a better question: Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? Well, if you did, then clearly you like erotica with a storyline. Okay, good. Fiona writes erotica with a storyline. And she’s very good at it.

Here’s another question for you: Are you a lesbian? If so, this is a double score! Because guess what? Fiona writes lesbian erotica with a storyline! WINNING!


So I discovered Fiona’s books in Borders many years ago. I was in the African American section, hoping to find a decent book. By the time I hit the “Z” section, I was thinking I’d just go get some coffee when I happened upon “Bliss.” It seemed interesting, which was enough to make me buy the book. Then, upon flipping through the pages, I came to piece together that the novel had a lesbian character. I damn near shit my pants! It really is hard to find good lesbian fiction novels, especially ones with black characters. I will never forget finding that book.

Let me say this: If you are straight and thinking you can’t read Fiona Zedde, you are full of crap. Gay people read straight books all the time. You are the majority! As such, if I’m in a mood for a love story, I will sit through “The Notebook” every day, pretend like Ryan Gosling has a vagina and be satisfied. You can do the same damn thing. Read these books! Especially “Hungry For It” because it’s  my favorite.


Anyways, over the years, I actually became friends with Fiona. It was random. I met a young lady in Charis Bookstores in Atlanta that told me I should buy her book. Years later I’m at a book signing with friends, purchasing one of her books and it clicks in my head that Fiona Zedde is actually thet young lady I met all those years ago. Then she’s dating one of my homies and we’re all just hanging out together…now sometimes I buy her Taco Bus when she’s in town. Like I said, it’s all random. But man, do I love this lady. She’s given me some of my best advice…and some of my favorite stories. I fucks with Fiona Zedde.

So you should discover her, if you haven’t already. Pay her a visit right now: http://www.fionazedde.com/

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