I Fucks with the Equality Symbol


However, once it went viral and littered my Facebook newsfeed with a mass of eye blurring red boxes, I was ready to abandon it. I couldn’t tell whom I was talking to.! It felt like one person was screaming a ton of thoughts at me. Not cool. Something had to be done. Skip putting bacon or a Star Wars character on the box…it was time to put in a little Shaq Diesel!

That’s right, I solve problems. That’s what a Superhero does son!

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but recently, there’s been a bit of controversy with some gay folks not supporting the equality symbol. Apparently they’re made at the HRC for something it isn’t doing, or probably is doing. I think they ought to take a number!

I’ve decided I don’t care about the controversy. Gay Rights is having it’s day in the sun right now, but while we’re getting magazine covers and columnists are all over CNN.com talking about how far gay rights have come, the fact is, we have a long road ahead of us:

  • Many Republican states have a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
  • It’s legal to fire people because of their sexual orientation in 29 states
  • Only 18 states and Washington, DC allow joint gay adoption

See what I’m saying? You know it’s still hard out here for the gay people! And it won’t get any easier overnight, because those bullets are just a fraction of the problem.

So yeah, I support the HRC and any other organization that is pushing to get gay people civil rights. Maybe they’re not inclusive enough, or transparent enough, or anything enough…but at least they are putting in the work. Lets get divisive AFTER we can marry our spouses and keep our jobs. 

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