I love Valentine’s Day!


I mean, how could you not?

  1. A bunch of romance movies come out in theaters. (I love those!)
  2. Earrings go on sale. (Get em while they’re cheap!)
  3. Stores are decorated festively. (Makes you feel happy while shopping!)
  4. Wine goes on sale. (Enough said.)
  5. Restaurants offer specials on food. (That’s just economical.)
  6. My Facebook newsfeed gets littered with pictures of everyone’s gifts. (I’m not a hater, so I actually like to see those. Gives me hope for my own future romances.)

And the BEST PART: On Valentine’s Day, when I’m single like this year, everything that I do or purchase is for MEEE!!!

So if you’re one of those depressing people that hate Valentine’s Day, I’d really appreciate it if you’d shut the hell up and not ruin it for everybody else…but I know you won’t do that, so I’m probably gonna block you on Feb. 14. Depression is kind of like a STD: It’s contagious, it’s gross and you can pass it on to people multiple times. Bitch, I don’t want your life!