I Prefer Art That Hangs On Walls


This is Khaulah, on the left. On the right is one of her amazing paintings. Pretty cool hunh? Even cooler? Khaulah is having an online Art Sale! Click her photo or this link to visit her website and browse her collection. You can also contact her directly on Facebook. Shaq Diesel supports the arts!

Need another reason to support Khaulah? Well, I just finished reading an article about a clinic in California that offers low cost tattoo removal. People are flocking to this place. The two most common reasons: job discrimination and removing an ex’s name.

The most common reaction to the laser removal process: “It’s the most painful experience of my life.”

Personally, I’ve never been interested in tattoos. I fail to see the logic in paying someone to hurt you and put something on your body that can’t be removed. Especially considering that having the tattoo means you can spend the rest of your life possibly being misjudged and passed over on job positions because of it. And what happens if you wake up ten years from now and realize it was a dumb idea?

Folks, if ever there was a commitment I wanted to avoid, it’s a tattoo.

With that being said, I don’t judge people who get them. You like what you like. However, I am always incredibly flummoxed as to why, if you must have one, you feel the need to put it on a part of your body that’s commonly visible. I mean, I can understand a back tattoo, but a curse word or breathing dragon on your neck?! Dude, did you really think that through?!

And this people, is why I like art that hangs on walls. Nobody is going to see it that hasn’t been invited into my home and whenever I want to get rid of it, all I have to do is take it down—for free, painlessly.

Even better? If I ever want to get rid of it, I can actually sell the damn thing and get some of my money back! If you ask me, supporting the arts isn’t just awesome, it’s practical. I mean, who really wants to hire this guy?!


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