I Paid My Ticket at the Courthouse


And I wrote a Facebook post while standing in line. The post read like this:

“At the courthouse, staring around in complete shock at the attire some of these people have chosen. Who in the hell wakes up and says, “Let’s go to the courthouse in daisy dukes and wornover Nike sandals with my hair all over the top of my head, looking a hot, homeless mess”?!?

I’m extra disgusted. Half of the black men have on a white t-shirt, half of the latin men look like they just came in from a sandstorn, half of the middle eastern men have on Jesus sandals with dirty feet and half the white men are dressed like 16 year old, grungy, skater boys. And I can’t even comment on the women. Half these heffas look like they’re at a bummy strip club competition. It’s just embarrassing.

This place is like a stereotypical, dirty ass, ghetto league of nations. I’m trying not to touch anything and I’m paying my next damn ticket online! Sheyit!”

Gotta love the courthouse on Twiggs street. Classy place.