If she can’t use my comb, don’t bring her home!

Denise, played by Lena Waithe, and her mom, played by Angela Bassett on Netflix’s Master of None

Ebony.com has an article up today, titled The reason behind, “Don’t you bring no white girl home!” It was written after the writer viewed Master of None’s season 8 episode “Thanksgiving.” The episode is centered around the character Denise coming out to her mother as a lesbian. Throughout the episode, Denise’s mom drops the little pearls of wisdom (or preaching depending on where you are in life) that you’ve come to expect from every black mother at some point. The one that inspired this article: “Well I just hope she don’t bring home no white girl because I don’t wanna see no Jennifer Aniston’s up in here!”

Some of you may be more familiar with the phrase, “If she can’t use my comb, don’t bring her home.” Or maybe you’ve heard it said with less alliteration. Either way, it all means the same thing: Black parents are nervous as hell about their children dating interracially.

And rightfully so given the historical and current racial challenges that accompany being a person of color in America. Yet, even now, many of us still feel the need to “explain” our reasoning behind such phrases, reassuring white people that we aren’t, in fact, ignorant, intolerant, reverse racists.

And maybe that wasn’t the writers intent, but given that this is hardly a unique conversation in the black community, I can only presume he wanted to educate others.

You know, because even after slavery, Jim Crow Laws, segregation, Emmett Till, Martin Luther King, Jr., Loving vs. Virginia, Apartheid, uneven drug sentencing, prison statistics, Brexit and police brutality cases, some white people still don’t get why black folks are nervous around them.

Hell, I guess some white people just think the KKK is a bunch of dudes that enjoy fabric and upholstery! They just linked up in Virginia. That was really a Bed, Bath, and Beyond rally.

Bath towels for everybody!

I’m just at a place in life where educating white people about black people’s pain feels like busy work. I’d much rather live in a world where white people are listening to us, even if they don’t “get” us. Why do we have to keep justifying 400 years of oppression? Life has been hard for the black folk. Accept it.

Special shout-out if you read that and didn’t get caught up in the argument that “technically” slavery only lasted over 200 years. Last I read, 30% of the women in American prisons are black, even though we’re only 13% of the population. Baby, slavery can come in many forms.

Anyways, I could go on, but you get the point. Until the structure of this country is reorganized, I hardly think we need to be focused on reorganizing how we talk about interracial dating. If anything, we’d better give it to these kids raw. Walking out there thinking we’re “the same” can get us killed. Even with our hands up.

I aint saying love aint love. I’m saying there’s a big picture here folks. Ya dig?

But yall go read the article. I thought it was well-written. And watch Master of None because it’s one of the dopest shows on Netflix!

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