The Lack of bipartisanship in Washington Pisses Me Off


There isn’t any ONE way to see an issue and political affiliations are not black and white. I know more right leaning Democrats and left leaning Republicans than hard core liberals and conservatives. We really have to stop demonizing one another.

All Republicans are not anti-black, anti-poor or anti-gay. There are some very open-minded Republicans out there. Democrats are not the only open minded humanitarians in the world.

All Democrats are not sappy, “lets give everyone welfare and give all power to the government” tree huggers. Republicans are not the only ones concerned about personal and financial accountability.

Unfortunately, one leader cannot represent any party as a whole. Yes, there are some ignorant Republicans out there. Ones who are out of touch with our country as a whole. Ones who are hateful and racist and uneducated. Ones who only think their way of life matters. Ones who are in a higher financial bracket and as such, are not in line with the economic hardships people are experiencing. And you can apply all of those things to some Democrats.

A separatist philosophy will not help our country to advance. We must work TOGETHER to get this country in a good place. We have to agree to disagree. We have to admit that sometimes one party has a better idea, even if we don’t like it. We have to learn to live with political and religious differences and accept them, even if they make us uncomfortable or we don’t agree, because that’s what makes our country great. And FREE.

I suppose that’s just me being overly optimistic though.